Saturday, September 23, 2006

It did not end the way it began...

I woke up today in a great mood! Mommy fed me and I decided to just sit and smile at her for a little while. After I ate, I took a good nap and just laid around all day! (in my defense, unless they pick me up, I have no choice but to lay around!!!)

I was in my bouncy seat in front of the window for a little while. I love the sunshine so I'm pretty content there. But, when I'm ready to get out, I make sure they know it. I can wail really loud when I need to. (Just ask the neighbors if you don't believe me!)

I laid on my blanket for a little while tonight. When I got bored on my back, mommy put me on my tummy on a boppy. Daddy laid down in front of me and played with me. Max got very jealous and tried to come in between us.

We went to Aunt Sue's house tonight for dinner. Josh, Amanda, Taddy, Bro. Joshua and Jon Betts were all there. I got just a little fussy at the end so mommy sang to me like she does at home. No one there seemed to appreciate it. I also got the feeling that Bro. Joshua is not going to be asking my mommy to sing a solo anytime soon.

Mr. Jon Betts held me tonight but I screamed really loud. I was ready to go home, get my bath and go to bed. Maybe he will hold me another time when it isn't my bedtime. I'll try not to scream then.

You can see my daddy looking at his watch saying it was time for bed. (I wonder if he was talking about me or him?)

After we got home, I got my bath, all lotioned up and screamed at the top of my lungs until daddy swaddled me and put me down. So, as you can see, there is quite a difference in the first picture of my day compared to the last picture of my day. But, all in all, it was a good day but I am going to bed because I am TIRED!

Friday, September 22, 2006

8 weeks and counting...

Well, I turned 8 weeks old yesterday. You wouldn't believe all the things I can do now. I have grown so much. It makes my mommy sad because she wants me to be a new baby forever. Daddy is really happy because he can't wait for me to keep getting bigger and learning new things. He is especially excited about when I start crawling. Mommy keeps telling him it will be hard for him to watch a whole football game because he will have to chase me around. He has no clue just how active I will be. Don't tell him, okay? Let him learn as he goes...that way he won't dread it. He will still think it is fun.

Today, we went to the Internal Medicine Clinic to see Mrs. Debra Probst. Daddy needed to make an appointment and get a prescription for his allergy medicine. While we were there, we ran into Mrs. Jeanette Gardner. She had been wanting to meet me so she was happy to run into us there. We talked to Mrs. Debra for a while. Mommy told her she was a little bit sad because we had just visited a daycare. It isn't what mommy and daddy want for me right now but there didn't seem to be any other real options.
Mrs. Debra told my parents all about a lady named Ms. Faye that kept her kids for 10 years. Mommy (jokingly) asked if she was still available. Mrs. Debra called her and she just so happened to be looking for a new family to be their nanny. Mommy and Daddy interviewed her at 6 tonight. Guess what? This coming Monday at 8:30 she will be here to be my very own Nanny! I'm sure it will take some adjustment for me but I think it will be best. I get to stay at home everyday and my mommy and daddy can come check on me all the time. PLUS, it is just one more person to love me!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Morning time = happy time!

This morning when my mommy was feeding me, she said "good morning my little Jonah bug!" I thought that was funny so I smiled really big! I never opened my eyes but whenever she would talk to me, I just smiled and smiled! As you can imagine, the camera was right next to her so she picked it up and snapped a few pictures. Most of them are out of frame because she couldn't look through the viewfinder. It is okay though, because you can still see how cute I am when I smile!!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Meet Baby Tad!

My day started out today just like any other day. I woke up at 6 a.m. for my morning bottle. (While we are on the subject of bottles, I'd like to ask if anyone has an idea of when I might could get something with a little substance??? I'm getting bored with just milk!) After my bottle, I settled into the swing for my 2 hour morning nap. Daddy got me up around 8:40 and dropped me off at Aunt Belinda's. I had a good day there and did my best not to cause any problems. When mommy called to check on me, Aunt Belinda told her I had been much better today than yesterday. I LOVE compliments! Maybe I will be really good tomorrow just to get another compliment!

After being with Aunt B today, mommy came to get me. When we got home, there were 2 big boxes from waiting at the door. One of the boxes contained my newest toy...Baby Tad! Noah's mommy told my mommy that I needed one because Noah loved his so much. So, mommy ordered it and it came today. (Thanks Noah's mommy!)

Here I am waiting for mommy to pull it out of the box. The anticipation is killing me! :-)

As you can see in the pictures below, I was a little skeptical. I checked it out for a good bit before I decided to smile and actually enjoy it. Unfortunately, when I started smiling, the camera was in the other room.

Will work for pictures...

Mommy got my 1 month proofs back from the photographer last week. She was QUITE pleased with them. Since our photographer doesn't put her pictures online, mommy took pictures of the pictures so she could email them to my grandparents. The pictures mommy took do not do justice to how wonderful the actual pictures are! Everyone had such a hard time deciding which pictures they wanted. I put a few of them on here for you to see. (Keep in mind, the quality is REALLY bad because they couldn't be scanned in!)

Mommy got all the orders in from my grandparents and other people who wanted pictures and she is placing one big order today! Mimi was here when the proofs came in so she saw ALL of them. She had a harder decision than everyone else because mommy only emailed about 1/3 of them to the rest of the grandparents and close friends. I think she hopes she will be away when the 3 month proofs come back! :-) Granny and Granddaddy were saved because they are coming for another visit after the proofs have to be back to Mrs. Anne. Otherwise, their decision would have been really hard too!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bzzzzy Lil Bee

I woke up in the best mood today! Mommy was getting me ready to go to Aunt Belinda's for the day and I just smiled and smiled. I decided to make it hard on her to leave me. I'm good at doing things like that.
Mommy brought my bouncy seat home from Aunt Belinda's today so I could use it at home some. It has a mirror on it like my swing. I LOVE looking at myself.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Left with daddy...

So, tonight mommy needed to make a run to Walmart. The last thing she told daddy when she left was "take some good pictures of Jonah so I'll have something for his blog." She got home and picked up the camera to find 13 pictures. She was really excited until she discovered that ALL 13 pictures were in the same place, with the same clothes, with basically the same expression!!!

Aren't you glad that daddy isn't the one in charge of showing you how interesting my days are? By the way, daddy did tell mommy that his intention with these pictures was to show you how much I like my bear mobile on the pack & play in the living room.

SO, I REALLY LIKE THE BEAR MOBILE ON MY PACK & PLAY! (Come back tomorrow, I'll try to do something a little more interesting!!!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

All dressed up...

Today I went with my mommy to a baby shower for Natalie Creel at the church. I am finally starting to fit into some of my 0-3 dressy clothes. Mommy got me all dressed up...including shoes. I was fine with it until I got hot. When I get hot, I get mad. (I am very hot natured...which is strange because neither my mommy or daddy are. I guess I take after my uncle Doug!) I got mad and we had to leave the shower before it was over. Mommy didn't want me to cause a scene so we left QUICK!

We went to the business meeting at church tonight. After that, I went into the nursery for the first time to get my diaper changed. I kind of liked it in there. Good thing...I hear I'll be in there on a pretty regular basis.

TADDY IS HOME!!! I've missed him!


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