Saturday, September 16, 2006


I love Saturday! My mommy and daddy are here with me and life couldn't be better. (Well, except for the incessant barking of the black, furry creature that lives in my house!) Today, after my morning bottle, my mommy took me to the mall in search of socks that fit. In just two weeks, I get to start going to church and I have nice white shoes to wear but no socks. Hopefully the ones we bought today will work. I never thought I would say this but I am ready for those shots. I'm tired of being cooped at home all the time. I am especially ready to go to the nursery at church!

Ha! I'm funny! Sometimes, when mommy holds me up by her face, I cut my eyes at her. She does the same thing to me. It makes me laugh.

At the end of each day, I have to take the time to update my blog. Tonight, my daddy took a few pictures of me doing just that. I did a little bit of updating tonight in my bassinet then finished up in my mommy's lap. My daddy told mommy yesterday that there have been a few typos lately on my blog. What does he expect? I am 7 weeks old! I'm not perfect!!! So, please disregard the typos I make. Sometimes, I'm just in a really big hurry and don't go back and proofread.

By the way, I don't really have a "comb over" on the back of my head. It just looks that way. Mommy says my hair sometimes looks like Donald Trump's hair.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Lots of pictures in this post...

My mommy keeps seeing people who say they like the stories I tell but they really like seeing the pictures. If you are one of those people, then this post is for you. I have LOTS of pictures to show you.

I'm really beginning to smile pretty often but my parents never seem to catch it on camera. They came pretty close in the picture below.

My friends from Clinton, Mr. Jerry and Mrs. Dottie Tullos sent me the cutest little sleepers in the mail. I'm wearing one of them in these pictures. It says "I LOVE MOMMY!" You can't see it, but it is there. AND, it is true! I do love my mommy. But, even though it doesn't say it, I love my daddy too!

The very first outfit I got when mommy found out I was a boy was from Strasburg. (Mommy says that is the store that made her want to have a baby. They have the cutest clothes!!! Daddy used to tell her she only wanted a baby so she could 'decorate' it! I hope that isn't true!!!) Mommy ordered this outfit and when it came in, Mrs. Belinda was down here. My mommy told her this was to be my coming home from the hospital outfit. Mrs. Belinda is the one who told mommy that it would be WAY too big unless I weighed about 12 pounds!!! (Which I didn't!!) Anyway, mommy has been waiting for me to grow into it. She put it on me tonight and it is still too big. Looks like I will be in 0-3 for a while!

I would probably like riding in my car seat if my head didn't flop forward. Well, mommy did a little research and found something called "Neckwings!" They are a little cumbersome but work perfectly. They fit up around your head to keep you from falling forward. I was a little skeptical but man...they really work! (If you can only get past how hideous they look!) We tried them out tonight on the way to dinner at Mrs. Sue's house. My head never flopped forward once! Everyone laughed at me when I came inside. Mr. Josh said they looked pretty comfortable and he would like to have some. Maybe I will buy him some for his car! (By the way, I think they will look a little better as I grow a little!)

I have mastered a new trick this week. When mommy and daddy stick their tongue out at me, I stick mine out at them. It is really funny. Sometimes, I can't get my tongue all the way out and I just move it around right inside my lips. That is even funnier. It makes mommy laugh really hard. Tonight, she showed Mrs. Sue, Mrs. Tammy and Manna. They all stuck their tongues out too!

Mommy tried to get me to keep doing it, but I got bored with that pretty quickly. Mrs. Pattie told mommy at the ball game that when I am two years old, she will wish she didn't teach me that. I think that means it won't always be funny! I'll be sure to file that away and remember it at just the right time!!

After we left Mrs. Sue's house, I went to my very first football game. Vidalia was playing Rayville at home so we decided to go. Mommy put me in my snuggli carrier and off we went. I loved it. (Although, it was a little too warm!!!) I slept through most of the game but did jump a couple of times when everyone started cheering.

When we got home from the game, mommy was going to take a picture of me and daddy before he left for 5th quarter at the church. The black, furry child couldn't stand that he was being left out. He jumped up and down until daddy picked him up for the picture. Camera HOG!!! (Uh, is this site called "ALL ABOUT JONAH" or "ALL ABOUT MAX??") Look at how he upstaged me in this picture. (By the way, notice the gray hair around his mouth. You can thank me for that!!!)

Most of you know how my mommy is into financial stuff. She is all about saving money and finding a cheaper way to do things within their budget. Well, she found this onesie that cracked her up! It doesn't make sense to me, but everyone that sees it laughs at it, so I thought you might too!

That's all for now. It's been a busy Friday. I'll be back with more news as the weekend progresses!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

The MIRACLE blanket...

I continue to be amazed by my own image above me in my swing! The picture below is a pretty accurate example of what I look like when I'm in my swing. All I do now is stare at the mirror! I guess you could say I'm somewhat vain. (By the way, I'm wearing a new outfit from the Otis family in Kentucky. If they happen to be reading this, thanks!) Last night, when it was time for bed, my mommy put a gown on me. (MUCH to the dismay of my daddy!) I have heard my daddy say over and over that a boy should not wear a gown so much that I decided to show my disapproval also. It got me nowhere! I cried really loud but mommy kept me all dressed up like a sissy! I hope none of my friends see this. I'll never live it down. (I know that Noah's mommy and grammy read this so PLEASE don't let him see. It will make for LONG days in the nursery!) By the way, don't tell any one I said this, but I think daddy liked not having to deal with snaps at 3:30 this morning.
Last night was a big night in my house. It was the day before I turned 7 weeks old and I slept in my crib for the very first time. I was already down for the night when daddy got home so he looked at me first on the video monitor. It was their first time to use that and I think they liked being able to see me without having to walk all the way to the other end of the house. (Lazy bums!)

Before I was ever born, someone told mommy about something called the MIRACLE BLANKET. Mommy was a little skeptical but discovered they offered a 100% money back guarantee for a lifetime. Hey, who can resist that offer? So, she ordered one and had it washed and ready for when I came home from the hospital.
The first night I was home, I kept wiggling out of the swaddle they had done with a regular blanket. At about 2 a.m., mommy remembered the miracle blanket. She swaddled me and I slept for almost 4 hours. (at 2 days old, that is HUGE!) I've used it every night since. My mommy and daddy say it really is a miracle! Everyone that sees me in it says that I look like I'm hogtied or a papoose, but I love it! I slept 5.5 hours last night. I bet I'll sleep all night within just a few weeks. Mommy took a picture of me all wrapped up in it last night.
Mommy says if she could keep only 2 things that I have used since I was born that it would be this blanket and my swing. If I could keep only 2 things it would be fresh diapers and formula. HA!

A few random pictures

Well, I discovered today that I have ROLLS on my belly. I'm getting heavy! Oh dear! I better lay off on that formula. Today, mommy and Mimi walked into the nursery to find my daddy reading a book...TO MAX! Uh, hello? That is my place! My Mimi took a picture because she thought it was cute. I did not!

Mimi took lots of pictures of me. My eyes are still seeing flashes. It looks like I am winking at her.

I LOVE my crib! There is so much to look at and I am so content in there. The bright colors give me so much to look at. Mommy and Mimi took me to lunch at the church on Tuesday and I got all dressed up. I wore my new navy Robeez! Mimi thought they were pretty hideous then she bought me another pair. Mommy told her how good they were for my feet and she read all about it on the internet. Thus...another pair of Robeez for me!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My onesie...

Like my shirt? My daddy found it for me. It says "When God created ME, HE was just showing off!" I think that may be true!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Look ma...both hands!

Tonight, I decided to try holding my bottle myself. My mommy was quite impressed. She called for my daddy to come take a picture. He missed it. So, I had to do it again. I'm sure I could do it all the time...but, why should I? If they will do it for me, I think I will let them. I'm gonna milk (milk...ha! No pun intended!) this baby thing for all it is worth!!!

An LSU kind of day

We are in the midst of a week of Revival services at our church. My daddy's former pastor from high school and college is here to preach for us. He had not had the chance to meet me yet, so mommy took me and Mimi to the lunch meeting. She decided to play a little trick on my daddy by dressing me in an LSU outfit Mr. Raymond and Mrs. Bettye Lindeman gave me. She waited until the room was full of people and walked it with me wearing purple and gold. All the people cheered. My daddy did not! He did not like it. Neither did Bro. Tommy. He is a Mississippi State Fan too! Here I am with Bro. Tommy and my daddy. They are both smiling but I don't think it is because I am wearing purple and gold. I even look a little unhappy in this picture. Maybe that IS because I'm wearing purple and gold. (HA!)

As if my daddy's day had not been bad enough with me showing up at church with LSU colors on, he got another surprise later in the day. When they got home from church, Mr. Ken, Mrs. Delynn and Caleb Vines showed up with a present for me. MORE LSU STUFF!! Another outfit with shoes and a football. I pretended to sleep through their visit so I didn't have to wear it but they put it on top of me anyway! I think LSU may be in my destiny?

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Yeah, I'm the man!!!

So, here's the deal! I'm 6 weeks old and surrounded by cheerleaders! Could life be any better than this? I am quite the chick magnet. They love me!

A very fine man!

When I was just 4 days old, I had to go visit the doctor. (you know, back when my mommy and daddy were hypochondriacs and I went every week??) Anyway, on our way home from the hospital, we stopped by so I could meet a special couple in our church. My parents had already told me about Mr. Bo and Mrs. Donis Weatherly. They live down the street from us. Mr. Bo has cancer and hadn't been doing very well around the time I was born. So, my very first visit to see anyone at their house was to see Mr. Bo. (My daddy said if I ever planned to be a preacher, I should learn how to visit people at an early age!!! I think 4 days old may be a record!!)

My mommy took all of these pictures of me with Mr. Bo on July 31. I'm glad I have these because on September 7th, he went home to be with Jesus. Everyone was so sad because they loved him so much and will miss him. But, everyone was so happy because he is in Heaven now with the God he loved so much. I'm happy for him.
After we heard the news about Mr. Bo, mommy took Taylor over to AC for Aunt Belinda and Mrs. Jane Webb came to stay with me. I was wide awake when she got here. I knew she would only be here for about 45 minutes so I stayed awake and played with her the whole time. I'm very thoughtful!


Well, it seems that Blogger has gotten some of its problems fixed. There are still a few issues to work on but for now I can put pictures on here again. So, here goes. Mr. Tim (or Uncle Tim) let me have my first taste of cantaloupe. I liked it...alot! I kept licking my lips wanting more but he wasn't too willing to share. There was a WHOLE tray of fruit but he only gave me a couple of licks of one piece. Some might call that a bit selfish...but I won't because he is my friend!

Just recently, I have discovered that my swing has a mirror that I can see myself. Who knew I was so cute? When I am in the swing, I just stare at me!!

My mommy kissed me a whole bunch yesterday morning!! She was getting ready to go do some things for my daddy at the church and she made sure I got lots of love from here before she left. I'm glad none of my friends saw me like this because it could be VERY embarrassing!!!

My Mimi is here visiting me. I'm still not old enough to be in the nursery at church so she came to stay with me while mommy and daddy go to revival at church this week. I wish I could go to church but it sure is fun being here with my Mimi. Mommy says she is spoiling me. I'm cool with that!!!
My mommy bought me a Bumbo seat a few weeks ago. She has heard LOTS of good things about them. It is a seat that lets little babies sit up unassisted. (and it helps strengthen my muscles.) You aren't really supposed to sit in them until you have good head control. They put me in it tonight thinking they would have to support my head but I impressed everyone. I sat there all by myself (with them VERY close just in case!!!) for about 15 minutes. I think I like this thing!!!

That's all for now. I have lots of pictures from the last few days to show you but I'll get to those later!


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