Thursday, September 7, 2006

Not so good news...

A note from the mommy...

Well, I made a HUGE mistake and switched our blogger account to the beta version to try it out. As a result, it has messed up Jonah's blog beyond description. It WILL NOT allow me to post pictures anymore. I'm working on it but if I can't figure it out, we will have to start all over or just quit doing a blog. :-( I'm so bummed! Unfortunately, once I switched to the beta version, I can not switch back!

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Someone else to love me...

I must be a pretty special little guy! It seems that lots of people love me and want to spend time with me. Whoever calls my house always asks about me and the conversation always seems to revolve around me. I get bored hearing how great I am so sometimes I just go to sleep!

My mommy has really been missing being at church. I can't go until I get my shots at 8 weeks. Lots of really nice people from there have been taking turns coming here to keep me. Tonight, Mrs. Una came over and stayed during church. With all of this individual attention I am getting, I may NEVER want to go to the nursery!

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Strolling to see my daddy!

I experienced my first "this weather is great day" since I've been alive. It is not fun being born in the middle of a HOT, Louisiana summer. I haven't gotten to spend much time outside because the heat would probably kill me. (I don't think that is true but my mommy kept saying that because I think she didn't want to spend much time outside so she used me as an excuse. I can't wait until I can talk so I can defend myself!)

But, today, since it was so nice outside, mommy strolled me to my daddy's work so I could see him. That was fun! I really liked being in my stroller. (Well, up until the wet diaper part!) As soon as we got to daddy's work, Mrs. Jane took me out of my carrier and played with me for a while. There are always different people there when I go and they all want to hold me. I like going there. Most of all, I think my daddy was the happiest to see me!

After my tiring afternoon of strolling the streets of Vidalia, I came home, had a bottle, and took a nap. Whew...what a day!

Monday, September 4, 2006

Happy Labor Day

My mommy and daddy let me take naps on my tummy if they are in the same room and can watch me real close. Yesterday, my daddy moved the bassinet in the living room next to him while I took my nap. This is how I slept for quite some time. I look like a real thinker, don't I? From what I understand, before I came along, holidays around my house were especially exciting for my family because they all got to sleep late. (even Max really likes to sleep!) I decided to shake things up and remind them once again, that things are a little bit different now. I decided to get up at 6:30 a.m. My mommy and I got up and headed to the living room. Max came with us but very quickly went back to sleep. He was sacked out when mommy took this picture. The flash did not even faze him!!
I LOVE my room! My mommy and daddy did such a good job picking bright colors. Today, they laid me in my crib and let me watch my mobile. I had all sorts of music playing and so many things to see. It was very exciting...until I realized they left me in there...ALONE! I then proceeded to scream very loudly until they joined me in there again. I think they are beginning to understand that I would like to have ALL of the attention!

I got a new shark outfit and hat from Gymboree. My mommy thinks it is so cute...I do not!

Oh wait...I might be okay wearing this. I'll give it a chance but I think I already know that I could do without the hat!

We went back to the hospital where I was born today. (Mommy had to pick something up from Mrs. Angel.) Everyone there has heard what a good baby I am. My mommy even told them that I only cry if I am wet or hungry. So, I took that opportunity to prove her wrong in front of lots of people. I started screaming like a banshee indian! No amount of consoling, bouncing or rocking could satisfy me. The more my mommy tried to calm me down, the louder I screamed. (You should have seen her...after almost 6 weeks, I think I finally flustered her!!!)
I heard her tell the nurses that maybe I thought she was bringing me back! WHAT? Can she do that??? In that moment, I decided to be good and not cause any more trouble! Actually, Mrs. Debi fed me a bottle (or two, to be exact!!!) and I went right to sleep. It was fun to show Mrs. Angel, Mrs. Jana, Mrs. Debi and Mrs. Liz just how much I have grown. I think they did a pretty good job taking care of me in those first few days.

Sunday, September 3, 2006


Well, I made it back to Vidalia. I must admit...I am not a fan of traveling. From this point forward, I prefer to remain at my house. I had fun in Jackson meeting lots of new people but it is the drive that I don't like. I think my mommy likes it even less than me. I tried to scream as much as possible so she wouldn't have any questions regarding whether or not I like riding for 2 hours!

This morning, before we left my Mimi's house, I spent LOTS of time staring at my mommy with my head raised. This is one of my mommy's favorite things that I do. She loves it when I stare at her and keep my head up. She tells me over and over how strong I am. Yeah, I know! My mommy talked to several people on the way home who told her my daddy put on a LSU helmet in his sermon this morning. WHAT? I go away for a couple of days and my daddy converts to an LSU fan? I've gotta find out what this was all about. In the meantime, my daddy put it on to show me. He happened to do it when I was on the floor trying to roll over again. It kind of scared me so I avoided looking at him as I scooted right off of the blanket.
My mommy found the coolest rattles for my hands and feet. Just this week, I have started noticing my hands and feet are actually attached to my body. Now, when I'm wearing these and I move my hands and feet, there is all sorts of shaking going on. You should get some for sure makes laying around a lot more exciting!!!


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