Saturday, September 2, 2006

I really happened!!!!

It started out as just a regular, ordinary day. Then I decided to do something special. I thought about it ahead of time and knew that if I wanted people to believe it, then I would need more than one witness. So, in the presence of my mommy, my Mimi and my Mawmaw (wow, that is a LOT of M's!!!) I decided to roll over. Yep, I know I am only five weeks old and everything says I'm too little but I did it. I rolled over. You probably don't believe me either, so here is what happened.

I was in the pack-n-play having a little tummy time with the three of them watching me. Mimi put two bears playing dueling banjos in the corner. I lifted me head really high for a long time to watch them. Then, when they least expected it, OVER I WENT! They wanted me to do it again but I didn't. I figure I'll save my next roll over for my daddy. Speaking of my daddy, he misses me so much. Mommy has talked to him several times today and she tells him all about me but it just isn't the same as being with me. It's okay because this time tomorrow I will be with him again.

Friday, September 1, 2006

Bye daddy! :-(

I had to leave my daddy today. It was very sad. (especially for my mommy!) My daddy has a very busy weekend. We weren't going to see him very much so mommy decided to go to Jackson. That way my daddy can get all of his work done and get some much needed sleep. My mommy is so sweet and thoughtful to take me out of town in order to help my daddy! (After that comment, you would think she was the one writing this instead of me!) She took this picture of me and my daddy before we left. Do you like my hat? Jason and Jada gave me this whole outfit. I even have matching bibs and socks. I know...I'm so cute! :-)

When we got ready to leave, Max mistakenly thought he was going. He was WRONG! SUCKER! He jumped in the car but daddy got him out. Mommy thought that was sad. I thought it was funny! I think there was a time that he ALWAYS got to go. That time is over buddy!
Here is one last kiss from my daddy! Man, I love him!
By the way, mommy says this may be the last time she ever travels without my daddy. I cried from Roxie to Brookhaven. She stopped in Brookhaven at Cracker Barrell and fed me in the rocking chairs outside. By the time I got to my Mimi's house I calmed down. Mommy said I should have done that long ago!!

Lots of cousins...

I got to meet four cousins today. Michaela, Bayleigh, Allie and Ceci all came to meet me. They thought I was awfully cute. Do you realize I am the ONLY boy is this family? What am I going to do? I have a feeling I'm going to have a hard road ahead of me. Could someone please have a boy so I have someone on my side??? 3 girls kissing me at the same time?? Is this a sign of things to come? I hope not. I think a day will come when lots of kisses won't be a good thing to me! But, for now it is okay with me. I like the attention.

Bayleigh kept saying "I have him?" She wanted to take me home. She is almost 22 months old and is used to being the baby of the family. I think I took that spot! She was okay with me today but I have a feeling that would change if I came around here much. Good thing I live 2 hours away.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Another disappointing football season for my daddy...

Here my daddy is giving his bulldogs a thumbs (or thumb in this case!) up. Unfortunately, it didn't help them much. My very first college football game was a total bust. I should have been a South Carolina fan tonight. Oh well! By the way, see my MSU jersey? I'll tell you a little secret. It isn't mine. I borrowed it from Max. I'm not really wearing it. It is just laid over me. Max weighs more than me. (He should lay off of those treats!) My daddy wants a bulldog jersey for me but can't find one in a smaller size than 6 months. This season will be over by the time that would fit me. So, for now I will just take something else that belongs to Max!! HA!


I forgot to show you pictures of our recent dinner at Aunt Sue's house. She made fried chicken for my mommy and daddy. (She didn't have a thing I could eat so I just had a bottle.) My mommy and daddy love her fried chicken and mashed potatoes. (We won't mention the eggplant casserole!) Josh tried to tempt me with a big 'ole piece of fried chicken. I showed him though! I didn't even look at it. I stared straight at the ceiling as if he weren't even there. His day is coming. One day, when he is really thirsty and doesn't have anything to drink, I am SO NOT SHARING my bottle! That will teach him.

My daddy took this picture but he didn't countdown for me to know when to open my eyes and smile. So, I didn't. Maybe next time.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

At work with my mommy

I went to work with mommy again today. This time it was for a full day. It's a good thing they put a pack-n-play with bright colors up there for me. Otherwise, I would get very bored.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My day...

I didn't do much today. Just the normal stuff. You know...wake, eat, poop, sleep, cry a little bit, repeat! But, even an ordinary day is an extra special day just because I'm in it! (That's what my mommy says!) Here is a peaceful moment from my day! And, here is a not-so-peaceful moment from my day! Hey, we all have moments like these. It's just that no one is waiting to take your picture while you are having one!


I now have short fingernails! This is an experience my mommy has dreaded for quite some time. She had horrid visions of clipping the ends of my fingers off. At first, I made it as difficult as possible for her. Then, I fell asleep! My daddy stepped in at the end and finished up.
I watched my daddy water the hanging basket today. They have learned that when I get upset that I calm down really quickly if they take me outside. My daddy must have a green thumb. Do you see how much this plant is growing?
Before I was born, my Nene gave me all sorts of cow stuff. One thing I got was a silly looking cow toy that hangs on my stroller. I LOVE IT. Basically, I love anything with bright colors. My mommy hung it over my pack-n-play for when I'm getting my diaper changed. I am so intrigued by it! I even cry when they pick me up and take me away from it.

Monday, August 28, 2006

A note from the mommy...

So sad! I'm back at work today! I'm quite teary about it! I let Dan drop Jonah off at Belinda's! I'm really glad because I didn't realize how sad I would be. It is a really good thing that I have TONS to do because it will keep my mind off of my little fella!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

A note from the mommy...

Well, our little Jonah bug is one month old! Time really flies! The pictures on the left were taken of Jonah the day he was born. The pictures on the right were taken today. He is so precious and we are so blessed to be his parents. Dan has had a really busy day at church so we haven't seen him that much. But, Jonah and I have celebrated all day long!

Tummy Time & Max

I went to lunch at the church today. Joshua is here in view of a call. (whatever that means...people keep saying it but I don't understand!) Everyone had a chance to ask him questions. I didn't have any. So, I basically just got passed around and then took a really good nap while Aunt Sue held me. My daddy told everyone that Joshua and mommy were going to sing a duet. Everyone laughed but I don't know why. I like my mommy to sing to me. Skinamarinkadinkadinkskinamarinkidoo is one of my favorites! When we got home from the church, I had a little bit of tummy time. I always like it for the first five or so minutes. You should see me on my tummy. I do all sorts of scooting and moving around.
Max laid on the whale mat with me for just a bit. Mommy put a treat down and told him to stay. You can see us both staring at it. Then she said "OKAY" which is apparently code for "Get it as fast as you can, Max!" because he TOOK OFF!
When Max took off to get his treat, I lifted my head. My mommy took a picture but it doesn't show how high my head got. I'm really getting good at this head lifting business.
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