Saturday, August 26, 2006

First Choir Practice

Tonight was my very first choir practice. My daddy sang and held me. I went to sleep. I don't think you are supposed to do that but I was so sleepy! It's hard being 4 weeks old! There were a few times during the song that I raised my hands. Daddy said that was my way of saying "Praise the Lord!"
Here I am with the whole choir! (Well, those who were there tonight!) Can you find me in this picture? (Hint: I'm the cutest one up there. The second cutest one is holding me!)
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Jonah joins the choir

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Jonah joined the choir at the end of practice. He raised his hands a couple of times during the song. (But, I didn't catch it on video!) Uh-oh, it looks he may be a Bapticostal!!!
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Hanging out at church

Here are a few pictures of me eating and hanging out during choir practice. Everyone else got fish, french fries, salad and yummy desserts. I got a bottle. Life is SO unfair!
Here I am laid out on the pew. At least I didn't go to sleep like a lot of the people sitting in the same pews on Sunday morning.
Oh wait...yes I did!
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Choir Practice

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Jonah went to choir practice tonight. He wasn't a big fan of the choir at first but got pretty content towards the end.
Click on the picture to view the video. DISCLAIMER: Not all videos on the VSOCIAL site are uploaded by us. They post others videos for you to see on the same page as ours. We've gotten a few calls about some "shady" content! So, if you want to be sure what you are seeing is clean, ONLY click on our videos!

Friday, August 25, 2006

First Pictures

Today was a VERY busy day for me. I went down to Aunt B's house this morning so mommy could get her hair cut. Mrs. Michelle was very upset mommy left me at home instead of taking me with her. She wanted to play with me. Mommy says since she (my mommy) has such bad hair that Mrs. Michelle doesn't need any distractions when she is working on her. Besides, I'm waiting on Mrs. Michelle to come here to see me. I need to get to know her so I can butter her up...she's getting a pool!

My daddy will usually keep me on Friday but he had to preach a funeral today. Mrs. Marjorie Johnston died. My mommy and daddy loved her very much. I never got to meet her. After daddy returned from the graveside service, he came home and helped mommy bathe and dress me. Then we went to Natchez for my very first professional photo shoot! When mommy made the appointment, Mrs. Ann asked her what my fussy time was. Mommy told her I was only fussy when I was wet or hungry. She tried to schedule my appointment during the time of day when I'm at my best. Mommy told her that was basically anytime. HA...I showed them! I started crying as soon as we got there. I didn't just cry...I turned red all over and got really mad! Then, I tee-teed all over Mrs. Ann's pretty blue blanket I was laying on.

Mommy took her camera so she could take a picture of Mrs. Ann taking my picture. Odd, huh? Kind of defeats the purpose of paying someone to take my picture. Couldn't we cut out the middle man and just take my pictures at home? We were there for over 2 hours and had 300 plus pictures made. I have a feeling my mommy is going to have to get a second job to buy those pictures because I really cheesed it up!! She took lots of me with my mommy and then me with my daddy and then me with both of them. Max got left at home! (as it should be!)

By the way, you can't even see me in the picture below. It was one where my daddy was holding me and that is all mommy got in the picture. Hello??? Does she not realize this is all about me??

After my pictures, I was quite the tired little boy! I didn't even flinch when they put me in my carseat. They even left my itchy clothes on and I didn't care.
When we got home, daddy was going to change me and put me down for a nap but this is as far as he got. He was tired too!

Well, that is all for tonight. Tomorrow is another big day. Charles and Janice Ramsey are coming from Jackson to see me and Joshua Roberts is in town in view of a call to be our Associate Pastor of Worship at our church. They vote on him Sunday night. My mommy says if she weren't staying home with me Sunday morning that Joshua would probably want her to sing a duet with him to help his chances of getting voted in. I hope he makes it without her!!! Posted by Picasa


I wore shoes for the first time today! Granny Brewer gave them to me but they were a little big up until now. We were going to dinner with our new youth minister and his parents so I got all dressed up. I wore a new navy and white outfit from The Picket Fence. The shoes Granny gave me matched perfectly. Check out how big my feet look with the shoes on them. Man...if my feet don't stop growing, I might catch up with JD Ames.

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It is all about me!

Yeah, my mommy is ALL ABOUT ME!! She kisses me a lot! Now, when she kisses me, I open my mouth. It is the cutest thing EVER! Besides, the more I open my mouth, the more she keeps kissing me! She is wrapped around my little finger. You should see it! Yeah, I'm the man!
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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Lovin' me some bathtime

I've changed my mind! I now profess that I enjoy bath time. Tonight is the first time my mommy has bathed me without help from my daddy. (Well, daddy isn't really all that much help...he basically holds the video camera and hands mommy something if she asks him two or three times! One day soon all of the videos my daddy takes are going to be ready for you to watch. He's been editing them and adding music and all kinds of fun stuff. I'm a star!)

Anyway, back to my bath story...mommy decided to use my bathtub but then changed her mind and put my bear bath sponge in the big kitchen sink. I liked that...a lot!! At first she just had a little water but I was so giddy she added more water. I splashed and played. The only time I cried was when she took me out! But then, she laid me on my changing table in my room and rubbed me down with lotion. I liked that even more! Could my life be any better?

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Daddy bought me an outfit

I know...I many pictures in the same position and same outfit does one really care to see? Typically, I would only give you one picture but all three of these were so flipping cute that I couldn't make up my mind. This is the outfit my daddy got for me at Baby Gap. It is the first time I have worn it. My mommy put it on me today before we went to meet my daddy for lunch. Everyone who saw me said they liked my outfit. My daddy did good! I'm smiling because I have the best daddy in the world!

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My sleepers fit

It's official...I'm growing!!! When I came home from the hospital, mommy tried to put one of my sleepers on me. They were HUGE on me. NOTHING but a few newborn onesies fit! So, last night she tried again and VIOLA...they fit! The first one is the one I wore last night and the second picture is the one I'm wearing right now.
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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Boppy = Screaming

As you can see above, I did not like being propped up on the boppy next to my daddy! It isn't that I don't like my daddy. It's just that I prefer to be held by him instead of propped next to him. He tried to kiss me in hopes of making it all better but that didn't work either! Have no fear though, Mommy and Max came to my rescue!!!

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Liking my bouncy seat

I have been a little skeptical of my bouncy seat. Mommy has put me in it a few times but I cried so she took me out. Today, she tried again and I LOVED it! I even fell asleep in it while she got dressed. I love the bright colors and fun toys on it. Mommy says Mr. Eddie and Mrs. Diane along with her mom, Ms. Frances gave it to me. They must like me a lot because this is one really cool thing!

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Jalyn Holding Jonah

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Jonah is the first baby Jalyn has ever held. She did really good!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Play Mat

At first I didn't like my frog play mat. (as evidenced in the picture below!) Mommy didn't make me stay there very long. After dressing me for dinner at Aunt Sue's, she put me back down there and shook the toys for me a couple of times. That made ALL the difference. I like this thing now.

Oh, and speaking of my clothes, Uncle Clare said I looked like a monk in the brown! What does he know? If it doesn't come from the 50 cent clearance bin he doesn't like it! (That will teach you to talk about me again, mister!)

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Push it out...

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A touching Father/Son Moment...(well, not so much!)
It seems like my mommy might have figured out how to post videos. Click on the picture and it will take you to another site to view my video.


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