Thursday, August 17, 2006

Burping isn't all that fun!

I am one hard boy to burp! My mommy and daddy finally realized that if they bend me over like a taco that I will burp much easier.
Today my mommy dressed me in plaid overalls. I wasn't a real fan of them at first. But, after I calmed down a bit, I realized just how cute they are. When I was screaming, Max jumped into my mommy's arms. He was checking to make sure I was okay. It could be that he felt sorry for me because mommy makes him wear silly clothes sometimes. Once he realized I was okay, he got back down. He may pretend that he doesn't like me at times but I'm beginning to think otherwise!!

Max got in trouble!

My mommy said I was crabby today. I'm not sure what that means but I don't think it is good. Hey, I can't be perfect all the time. There is a funny thing that happened today that I just have to tell you about. I had just finished eating when Mrs. Belinda called to see if she and Taylor could come down to visit. My mommy told them to come on. She realized that Max needed to go outside. So, she picked me up and we went outside so Max could do his business. Well, Max took off to the neighbor's yard. Mommy yelled for him to come back but he didn't mind her. (I may be crabby but I'd come back if my mommy yelled for me!) About that time, the people working on the neighbor's house started yelling at that dog. Apparently, that dog hiked his leg and tee-teed all over Max. HA HA! That's what he gets for not minding mommy. So, when Taylor and Mrs. Belinda got here, mommy handed me off to them and she had to give Max a bath. She was not happy...Neither was he!

Mommy decided to go to church tonight and I stayed at home. No silly, not by myself! Aunt Sue came over to watch me. My doctor told mommy and daddy that I shouldn't be in the nursery until I get my shots at 8 weeks. She said I could go to church if noone would touch me. HELLO? How could people not touch me? I'm too cute not to touch! Anyway, because of that my mommy has been staying home with me. Lots of mommy and daddy's friends have offered to stay with me so mommy could go to church. She always says no. But, tonight she went and was really glad she did. Apparently my daddy said some things that helped her. And, I think it is good for her to get away for a little while. I think it makes her miss me A LOT!

After church, Mrs. Cindy and Patrick came over to meet me! Patrick didn't seem to impressed by me. He was even less impressed with Max. It's okay...we'll win him over!
GREAT NEWS!! My cord fell off! I could not be happier! I hated all those alcohol rubdowns at every diaper change! That alcohol is cold! And now, I can take a real bath. I can't wait!! Here is my daddy holding it.
Brian and Trudie came over last night to visit with us. Brian is the new youth minister at our church. The big news is that they are having a baby in November. They are having a girl. My daddy and Brian say it will be an arranged marriage. Her name is Caroline. Hmm...Jonah and Caroline! Nice ring, huh? I'll keep you posted on our relationship as it progresses!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Back to the doctor

Yeah, I'm pretty adorable! I am finally getting big enough to wear some of the 0-3 clothes that people gave me. This is the very first outfit I got. It even has a matching blanket. It is from Lynda Robinson. She is a friend of my granny and grandaddy. My outfit and blanket have puppy dogs on it. I love puppy dogs. I especially love my big brother Max. He wasn't very fond of me in the beginning but everyday seems a little bit better!

I went to Sonny's Pizza for lunch today. My daddy had a long day at work and had a meeting tonight so I wasn't going to see him all day long. BUT, my mommy called daddy and he met us. We ran into Mr. Mike & Mrs. Julia Harrell and Cindy & Paige Roberts. They held me for a while. I like them! Paige is a cheerleader at VHS. Maybe she will throw me one of those footballs this year. I hope my daddy is there to catch it because my mommy isn't very good at catching things. I had to go back to the doctor today...AGAIN!!! I'm not even three weeks old and I've been to see Dr. Russ 3 times. Last week when I was there she told my mommy and daddy that if my cord hasn't fallen off by today to call her and come back in. So, back to the doctor I went. I hope people don't think I'm a hypochondriac! I'm going to do my best not to go to the doctor next week!

These picture are of me laying on the table waiting on Dr. Russ. I was quite the big boy. No tears! They always make me get naked. I hate that. My mommy kept me covered with my favorite blanket! I looked around the room and checked it out. If the past 2.5 weeks are any indication, I'll be spending lots of time in those rooms.

Monday, August 14, 2006

From the Mommy

This is one of the pictures we took for Jonah's birth announcement. It didn't make the cut. But, I love the smile on his face. He's such a cutie! We mailed his birth announcements Saturday so lots of people are probably learning about Jonah's blog for the first time. If you are here and have never left us a comment, please do! That way we know who is reading All About Jonah!

Click on "Comments" and then click on "Other" and enter your name and leave a comment for us. We love seeing who all checks in our Jonahbug!

Poor, poor Daddy!

It's official...I've inducted my daddy into "daddyhood!" Tonight, when he was feeding me, he kept telling my mommy that I was doing some business. (In the diaper...if you know what I mean!) Little did he know what I had in store for him. After he finished feeding me, he took me to the changing table. When he opened my diaper, I offered him a gift and smell unlike anything else he has ever experienced. As he used 26 wipes to clean me, I threw up all 4 ounces I had just eaten. It went everywhere!!! Then, as he was beginning to clean that, I tee-teed EVERYWHERE! Daddy was grossed out, mommy laughed...a lot, Max kept jumping up there in hopes of getting a treat. There was poop, throw-up and tee-tee everywhere so mommy put me on a blanket and held me in her lap for awhile. That is when we took all of these pictures. I was completely content at this point! is going to be interesting around here as I teach my mommy and daddy lots of new things! I'll try to tell you all about it!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Looks can be deceiving

My mommy posted this picture and said to make sure you know that looks can be deceiving. I'm not sure what that means. It may have something to do with the fact that I have been a little crabby lately! Hard to believe, huh? I try to help them understand that being so little is hard work. Everyone wants to hold me and love on me and sometimes I get tired and even a little sore. I don't mean to be crabby! I think that times like this make up for the fussy times I have. (At least I hope so!) This picture was taken after a very long bout of crankiness on my part. My mommy needed to go shower and my daddy was working on powerpoint for church so she laid me beside my daddy on my belly. I'm not supposed to ever sleep on my stomach so my mommy told my daddy to watch me extra close. I wasn't asleep...just taking a break from screaming! If you look at the end of the couch, you can see where Max has buried himself in between two pillows to escape the chaos. Everyone that visits says poor Max. I guess things are different for him these days.
My mommy took this picture while I was laying in her lap. She thinks it is funny the way my hands are clasped together.


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