Saturday, August 12, 2006

I'm home

After a long, exhausting trip to Jackson, it was finally time for the trip home. I slept (A LOT!)and Max roamed the car. He didn't stay near me for to long. He stuck pretty close to mommy or daddy since they rubbed him most of the way home. BIG WUSS!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Trip to Jackon

Well, well, well...I have been quite the busy little boy lately. I took my very first road trip all the way to Jackson. I stayed with with my Mimi and my mommy and daddy got some much needed sleep while we were there! Mimi got up with me at night and they slept! Give me a break...I'm only 2 weeks old and they are sleep deprived already? I only make them get up one time during the night. Do you know how many newborns hardly sleep at all??? I'm sleeping 4-5 hours at a time and they think they need to catch up on sleep already. It's gonna be a long few months for them!

I got to meet lots of people while I was in Jackson. My mommy's friend Teresa came over to my Mimi's house just to meet me. Yeah, she thinks I'm pretty awesome! She has never held a newborn baby but I think she did really good! She held me a long time and I never cried. I like her.

Mommy and daddy took me to Dr. Ramsey's office while daddy had a dentist appointment. My mommy used to work there. She worked there for 8 years. That is where she worked when she met my daddy. They were really excited when mommy got married to my daddy but I think they were even more excited about me. Do you see the smiles on their faces? This picture is of Mrs. Donna and Mrs. Kristy. They work at the front desk. Here I am in a picture with my mommy and Dr. Ramsey. My mommy says that much of who she is today is because of the influence Dr. Ramsey had on her life. Dr. Ramsey says don't blame him for that. Ha...He's funny!

This picture is of Courtney Ramsey (now Courtney Curtis!) My mommy used to babysit her and now she is married. Mommy says that makes her feel old.

Dr. Ramsey got to hold me before seeing his afternoon patients. I wore my baseball outfit just for him.

I'm not sure what my mommy is saying about me in this picture but I'm pretty sure it is something about how wonderful I am. Mrs. Shellie, Mrs. Donna and Mrs. Alisa probably agree!

Have you seen my bouncy seat? I love it! I especially like the bright colors. It is even better if mommy puts me in front of the window while I sit in it. I get sunshine and bright colors! LIFE IS GOOD!

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

A note from the mommy...

Jonah had his 2nd appointment with the pediatrician yesterday. When we took him last Monday, he weighed 7 lbs. 7 oz. He was only down 3 oz. from his birth weight. Yesterday he weighed 8 lbs even. Dr. Russ said he looked great and she didn't need to see him again until his 8 week appointment for shots. His color was perfect and she said we were doing a great job with him. (what a relief!)

Monday, August 7, 2006

Meeting Joshua

I finally met Joshua Roberts. I've heard a lot about him. People around here love him. I was worried that he might steal all of the attention away from me at church Sunday so I just stayed home. (Actually, my doctor told my mommy that I don't need to go to church until I have had my shots.) The Merritt's had lots of people over to visit with Joshua while he is home. So, we went down for a while to eat and visit. Here I am with him. Maybe he can teach me to play piano one day since I have such long fingers!
I LOVE my swing! It used to sit in front of the window when I needed sunshine to help with the jaundice. My mommy wondered if I would like it as much once it was moved. Yep, I do!! I love it! Sure hope I don't outgrow it anytime soon!

Sunday, August 6, 2006

Working with my mom

Today, I went to my mommy's work for the first time! We went on a day that noone was there so she could get some stuff done while daddy was there to play with me. Daddy even set up my new pack-n-play that will stay there. It's really colorful...too bad I can't see all the colors yet! I think I might like it there.

My family loves me!

This weekend, my uncle Scott, Aunt Emily and cousin Hannah came to visit me. Hannah has been waiting a long time to have a FIRST cousin. She was very smitten with me. She gave me lots of kisses and kept telling me how cute I am.

They went to church to hear my daddy preach this morning then left from church headed back to Tupelo. Me and mommy stayed home from church because I am still a little to young to be around so many people. I went on Wednesday night and was a little stuffy on Thursday and had a hard time settling down Wednesday when we got home. So, it looks like I'm having to skip out on church for a couple of more weeks.

Cooper Wilson

Not alot to post about today. My daddy got a phone call from his friend Scott Wilson to let him know they had a baby too! His name is Cooper. He was born today...on my due date! I'm sure we'll be big buds even though they live in Missouri. My daddy and Cooper's daddy have been friends a long time. They used to work at Central Hills RA camp together.


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