Saturday, August 5, 2006

A Message from Max

Hi, I know is Jonah's website but I would like to take a moment to remind you all that I'm still here. Yes, I know my mommy used to have a XANGA site that had pictures and stories of me on there all the time. It is my understanding that since this new creature moved into my home, that those pictures have been absent. My daddy was trying to take a picture of Hannah holding Jonah so I jumped in my mommy's lap. I finally got a little camera time that overshadows "the baby!"

Max the dog (who used to be the center of attention!) Here I am meeting my Uncle Scott and my cousin Hannah. They drove all the way from Tupelo to see me. Aunt Emily is here too (that is half of her body in the picture with Uncle Scott!) but I was ready for bed when she held me the first time and mommy forgot to take a picture. They will be here through tomorrow so I will have a picture taken with her then.

Today I had friends from Liberty, Mississippi come to meet me. My daddy says they were his family there. He used to eat lunch with them almost every Sunday. And, when my mommy met my daddy and started visiting him in Liberty, she stayed at their house. Mommy says we will see a lot of them over the years. They took mommy and daddy to eat at The Sandbar. I slept through them eating again. But, when they tried to put me to bed later, I was wide awake! I think I taught them that sleeping a lot isn't always a good thing. I finally let them go to bed around 1:30 a.m. They are really tired today! I feel fine!

Friday, August 4, 2006


Well, I have made my first trip to Wal-Mart! I wasn't all that impressed. I slept through the entire trip. My mommy and daddy ran into SO many people they knew. So many people that we were in there for 2.5 hours! Here are a couple of pictures of me with friends from my church. The first is of me and Mrs. Delynn. Mommy says I won't see many pictures of her because she is usually the one holding the camera. This is Ms. Donna and Sarah. Sarah is Noah's mommy. Noah was born a month before me. Everyone tells me that Noah and I will be big buds. We'll be in the nursery together a lot!
When we got home from Wal-Mart, Aunt Sue-Sue came over. She got here in just enough time for my bath. This is my picture after my bath. I LOVE bathtime. You can tell by the look on my face that I really liked it!

I got my hair washed for the first time under the faucet. I just cooed while they washed my hair. Mommy and daddy weren't real sure how to wash my hair so they did it like the nurses in the hospital. They held me under the faucet and I thought that was the greatest thing ever!!! I love bath time. I can only imagine how much better it will be when I can sit in water after my umbilical cord falls off!

I had a little tummy time today. It was fun! But, then again, I am pretty content whatever I'm doing. I do like to lay on my tummy every now and then. But, I like it even more when someone picks me up.

LOVE my carseat!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love my carseat? I even have a mirror that I can stare at myself. My daddy can see me while he is driving. Sometimes my mommy has to remind him to watch the road instead of me. My mommy and daddy said today was a breakthrough with Max. I don't know what a breakthrough is but apparently it is a big thing. Not only did he get in mommy's lap while I was there, he even put his head on my back while I was rocking. Mommy said she was so proud of him. I'm not all that impressed!

I got a new outfit today. It had a matching hat. Mommy washed it and put it on me. I thought it was funny. Mommy and daddy laughed at me. They put me in my swing and I just laid there thinking about how cute I really am!

Sonny's Pizza

Today I made my first visit to Sonny's Pizza. My mommy and daddy eat there a LOT so I figure I should get used to it. We went with the Hibbs. I'm not sure who they are yet but I recognize their voices. I must have been around them a lot the past nine months. My mommy says I better get used to them because I'll see them almost every day. I got to ride in my carseat again. Man, I love that thing! I especially like it when it is really hot outside. I open my eyes and look all around. Sometimes when I want to go outside, I cry for no reason and my daddy immediately takes me out there. Max likes to go outside too. My mommy has gotten pretty good about holding me and throwing the Frisbee to Max. He tries to take attention away from me, but I'm pretty good about getting the attention back!
My mommy thought you'd like to see this next picture of me. They laugh at me when I do this. So, I do it often. I like to make people laugh. It takes talent to use one hand in my mouth and the other hand to cover my face.
My brother Max didn't like me so much in the beginning. He wouldn't even come near me. Whenever I cried, he barked. Then, when he barked, I cried. It made for a rough few days. But, he has slowly come to realize that I'm not going anywhere. He still isn't completely fond of me but he does tolerate me. In the past couple of days, he even gets in mommy's lap when I'm there. Sometimes he tries to scoot me out of the way but I don't budge! HA! Just yesterday, he realized if he lays right beside me when I'm eating that sometimes milk drips out of my mouth and down the side of my face to the arm of the chair. Would you believe he was trying to eat my milk? I will do better from now on to keep it all in my mouth so he gets none of it. You don't see me eating out of his bowl do you?
Today, my friend Amanda came over to see me. While she was here, she and mommy took some pictures of me after they changed my diaper. The one of the left is my sexy pose. I've been working to perfect it. I think I finally got it down. What do you think? I AM to sexy for this bassinet!

Did you know that today is my one week birthday? Yep, at 1:14 p.m. I was officially one week old. My daddy just happened to be home for lunch at that time so he and my mommy sang happy birthday to me. Then, Amanda came over and had a one week birthday present for me! I got my very own soccer ball. My daddy was very happy about that gift. I can't wait until I'm old enough to play outside with my own soccer ball. My mommy doesn't want me to ever get that big. She says I should stay just the size I am now. I have a feeling she'll love me no matter what size I am.

Thursday, August 3, 2006

First visit to church

I've had a busy day again! Mawmaw Chandler came over to visit for a while. (She isn't my real mawmaw but that's what everyone at church calls here so I will too!) She loves my mommy and daddy ALOT and loves me already! Several people have told me that boys are her favorite so that works out well for me. Move over Taddy, Reggie, Josh, Jeff & Brian...There's a new kid on the block!

After Mawmaw Chandler left, my mommy and I took a little nap then spent the day resting up for church. When I took afternoon naps, my mommy did laundry and cleaned the house so everything would be nice and clean when Daddy got home from his long day at work and church.

Later in the day, my mommy woke me up and dressed me for church. She put me in itchy clothes that made me hot and mad! I like those onesie things that snap at the bottom and aren't so difficult to put on. I made sure she knew how unhappy I was with the choice of clothing by getting really mad and screaming. I didn't scream too long because I like it when she picks me up. But, many more outfits like this one and I may have to act mad for longer!
When my mommy got to church, my daddy was by the piano talking to the people who play music. When he saw me, he almost ran to where I was. Man, he must have missed me more than I knew. It took a minute to get out of my seat, but boy...When I did, he held me and kissed me a lot! Then, out of no where, all these people appeared. They all stared at me and told my mommy and daddy they did good!
After church, Joanie took pictures of my mommy and daddy with me on my first visit to church. That is the first time I had pictures made outside. I like to be outside. It's very warm.

Well, that's it for now. The last picture is of my daddy holding me after church. I got to hear my first sermon and it was by my daddy!!! Not only that, my daddy sang too. He's really good. I did go to sleep in the middle of him preaching though. (It's okay because I think other people did too!) Daddy preached about vision. I can't see but 3 inches in front of my face. But, that isn't the kind of vision he was talking about. After church was over, I stayed in the sanctuary to hear daddy practice with the choir for Sunday. Everyone seems real excited about some guy named Joshua being at church on Sunday. I'm not sure who this guy is but I may have a little competition for attention if I go to church. It's okay though, because I can cry WAY louder than him and I have the whole cuteness factor going for me.

Wednesday, August 2, 2006


A note from the mommy...

We have lots of great pictures from today to post but the picture editor has been down all day and still isn't working. Sorry! I'll keep trying through his midnight feeding...otherwise it will be tomorrow!

Daddy at work

My daddy had to go to work today...ALL DAY! It was hard for him. He kept a picture of me near his computer so he could sit in his office and think about me. My mommy called him several times today to tell him the funny things I was doing and she sent some pictures on his phone, but none of that is like him being here with me. I may have to get used to this because my mommy says my daddy works a WHOLE lot. He's got a really important job, so I guess it's ok, but I'm so excited about seeing him again tonight. I'm so excited that I think I'll go poop again.

Poop? Seriously????

No picture this time but my mommy said to tell you I finally pooped! Geez...none of you people tell me when you poop but apparently that is a big deal for some reason! People keep calling and asking about it. Daddy even told my doctor that I haven't pooped. Is anything private anymore? That's all for now. I just ate a big meal and it's time for my nap! (and just so you know, I'll probably poop again but I'm not going to tell any of you!)

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

First real bath

I had my first real bath at home today. The look on my face in the picture below could lead you to believe that I enjoyed it. That is not the case. Look further to see my real feelings on this event. I am so not impressed with the process of being clean. (Don't tell anyone but I do like the lotion that comes at the end then the snuggling in my duck towel with my mommy!)
This is a more accurate description of my experience with bathing. At least they kept my diaper on so I didn't have to be humiliated in this picture while I was screaming as loud as my little lungs would allow!
Before that awful bath experience, I got to go for a ride to the hospital with my mommy and daddy. I've decided I really like the car. It's so warm and kind of bumpy. My mommy keeps telling my daddy to slow down because I'm in the car. I don't think my daddy can forget I'm in the car because he keeps looking at me in the mirror and saying how cute I am. But, I have to admit, after seeing this picture, I'd have to agree with him. I am pretty cute!
I had special visitors come to see me today. My mommy told me all about the Stagg's when we were at the hospital. My diaper bag was a gift from them. I really wanted to meet them but found out Paige had to go back to UMC so it would be a while before she was up to a visit with me. But, then she got to come home today and they came to see me. Here I am with Paige, Sarah and Rachel. I think they all really liked me because they kept fighting over who got to hold me.

A visit to the hospital

I just got home from an outing to the hospital. The lady who does birth certificates wasn't there when I got to go home Saturday. So, she called today for us to come back up there to get it. While we were there, we stopped by the Labor and Delivery/Nursery to see some of the people who helped me be born. I had my picture taken with Mrs. Dawn. She was my mommy's nurse when I was born. Mommy's nighttime nurse Mrs. Cindy was there too but daddy didn't remember to take her picture until she was gone. My daddy goes to the hospital a lot to visit people who are sick so maybe I can go again and get my picture with her and Mrs. Melanie since they were so nice to my mommy and daddy and worked extra hard to help me get here!

Just thinking

My mommy thinks I'm asleep but I'm really just pondering a few things. For instance, who knew being born was such hard work? And, did you know if you cry that all sorts of people rush over to pick you up? (I could get used to that!) Oh, and sometimes for no reason at all, people just stare at me with tears in their eyes. I don't think they are sad but I can't figure out why they are all "teary!" Well, that's all for now...back to pondering!

Back to work for Daddy

Today my daddy went back to work. It was okay because me and my mommy spent quality time together. (actually, my mommy decided to take a nap at the same time as me. But, we were in the same room...does that count as quality time?) My daddy missed me so much that he came home at lunch and brought his computer and lots of books so he could work from home and stare at me at the same time! Wow...I love my daddy!


It's official! We are so in love with this little boy! Who could have ever imagined that our lives could be any more wonderful than they already were!!!

Monday, July 31, 2006

Meeting Doctor Russ

Day 4 of baby Jonah's life was quite eventful! We went to the pediatrician for a check up. (We weren't supposed to go today but several people had us freaked out about Jonah's skin color so we called.) Dr. Russ was just wonderful and we feel like Jonah is in great hands. He weighed 7 lbs, 7 oz. He has only lost 3 oz. since birth. She felt very good about his weight. She checked everything and said he looked great and was just as he should be. He is a little jaundiced but that is normal with babies who are nursing. She said that his color should be better starting tomorrow. We go back to see her a week from today just to be sure. After seeing Dr. Russ we went upstairs to Dr. Daigle's office to show him to everyone there. We have fallen in love with those people over the last nine months and wanted them to see him on the outside!!!


Here's Dan's newsletter article for today about Jonah:

WOW!!! Fatherhood has arrived. With a little bit of surprise, Nicki and I became the parents of a wonderful little boy at 1:14 p.m. on Thursday, July 27. With that one moment in time, our lives are forever different. I’m already noticing the difference in our sleep patterns (we’re getting up much earlier and more often), in our entertainment choices (from TV to watching Jonah sleep), and in our topics of conversation. Life is certainly different...and it’s a welcome change for two people who so wanted to be parents. We look at the new life of Jonah Daniel Glenn and can only dream of the possibilities…

All of us have “New Beginnings” in our lives from time to time: a new home, a new school, a new job, a new town… Aren’t you glad that life is not always the same today as it was yesterday? I’m glad that God gives us a chance to start over from time to time. New Beginnings give us a chance to make right what was wrong last time. New Beginnings offer us the opportunity to see life from a different perspective. New Beginnings offer no expectations...only opportunities and possibilities.

I challenge you to discover a New Beginning in your life today. Develop a new hobby. Make a new friend. Visit a new place. Do something to refresh your life today.

As we dream about the future of Jonah Daniel Glenn, there is no way that we can imagine all the challenges, hurdles, and successes that our son will face. However, we can imagine the wonderful opportunities that he will experience. We are so blessed!! God has loaned us one of His children for a while, and in that new beginning the possibilities are endless.

Poor baby

Isn't this pitiful?

Because of the problems in delivery, Jonah has had several issues with his head. We couldn't hold him very much the first few days. He spent lots of time on a water pillow because of the swelling. Now, he has developed bruises like this in various places on his head.

My heart hurts for him already.


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