Monday, July 21, 2014

#glenngangsummer2014- Week Six

(Most of the fun this week centered around Vacation Bible School at our church!  Both boys LOVED VBS and are already ready for next year!!)
Day 36
Day 1 of VBS

Day 37
Day 2 of VBS
A luau for the boys courtesy of "Missaweez!"

Day 38
Day 3 of VBS  (Both boys with their best friends!)

Day 39
Day 4 of VBS
Sunshine Reader Book Club (Dorko the Magnificent)

Day 40
Day 5 of VBS
Board Games with Mommy & Daddy

Day 41
Chipotle for lunch
Birthday shopping at Toys R Us
Favor Making for Jonah's Party
Games with Daddy
Day 42
Rio 2 at the $2 theater

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Friday, July 18, 2014

#glenngangsummer2014- Week Five

Day 29
Monkey Joes & Trader Joes with the West Crew
Day 30
Birthday shopping with my soon to be 8 year old
Day 31
Another pool day
Day 32
A Victoria Park pool day with the Schacters
Day 33
Chuck E. Cheese with the Schacters

(Please forgive the embedded Instagram photo for Day 34.  I accidentally deleted it off of my phone and had to pull it from IG!)

Day 34 
Another pool day
Day 35
A jam session with Jaxon
Snuggles with Daddy

Monday, July 14, 2014

#glenngangsummer2014- Week Four

Day 22
Noah and his family came over to swim.  The kids swam for 6 hours STRAIGHT!!!  All the while, the moms laughed until we cried!

Day 23
Most of the day was spent at The Presidents Hall of Fame in Clermont.
We also had a super fun time playing in the street that night.  

Day 24
The Dollar movie to see The Lego Movie and then to Chickfila with the Hoovers, Leonards and Andrews. 
Day 25
Books, Board Games, Sword Fights and time at the library
Day 26- Independence Day
A great time at Frank & Margie's house!!
Day 27
The day we dubbed Lowry/Wagner Day of Fun!!!
Day 28
Dan came home from church sick so I spent the day playing board games with these two!!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

#glenngangsummer2014- Week Three

Day 15
Jonah's best friend came to swim.  He has two younger brothers and even has one that is Micah's age.

Day 16
The Dollar movie in Port Orange to see Arthur Christmas & Petco with "Misaweez" or Louise as the rest of the world knows her.

Book Club to learn more about "Capture The Flag" which is one of the Sunshine State Readers. 

Day 17

Jonah spent the day with the Barker family going to their farm then back to their house for games.
Micah spent the day with me...IN THE POOL!

Day 18
Lunch at BJ's (Jonah's favorite place for a drink!  He gets Handcrafted Rootbeer)
A tour of the Angel & Phelps chocolate factory in Daytona.
Day 19
A trip to the theater with Dad to see "How to Train Your Dragon II"
A visit to a condo in Daytona to visit friends here on vacation.
Miss Ginny's birthday party!!!

Day 20
A whole family (including the dog) pool day!!! 
Day 21
Wii time with Daddy

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I've never enjoyed a summer vacation as much as I have this one.  My kids have not said they were bored one time!  It is late in the day most days before I ever touch my computer the first time.  They have been new places, tried new foods, seen new movies and taken new adventures.  It has been great.  It has also been exhausting.  But, I don't want school to start back.  We still have well over a month but I'm already dreading it.  

This week has been a little different because Dan is home sick with Pneumonia and an ear infection.  He feels terrible.  I've tried to be a little more available to him rather than being out and about.  So, our game plan for tomorrow is still up in the air.  

Late last week, I figured out a way for us to take a trip home.  It came after Jonah asked if we could cancel his birthday party and go to Vidalia instead.  So, after getting everything settled, I came to the conclusion that while it all worked on paper, it just wasn't feasible.  Dan couldn't go with us.  Driving added time to the front and back of the trip which limited our time there which in turn make it very difficult to give everyone the time they would expect.  It was causing stress and the trip was still almost a month away.  I was dreading telling Jonah but then the night before I had to tell him, I found out a friend from Vidalia is coming to visit so that was a HUGE benefit!

So, I've spent the day working out the details for an 8th birthday party for my little guy after canceling the previously planned party.  Do I sound fickle or what?  Honestly, it has been a bit of a whirlwind dealing with all of it but I feel so much more at peace now that the final decision is made.  I just need to save Frequent Flier miles for a trip home.  Dan's graduation did us in with miles.  But, I'm grateful we had them for the 6 round trips that cost us ZERO!

I've had a few projects going this summer and I'm waiting for things to arrive to finish one of them.  We made the huge mistake of buying patio furniture with deep seating cushions.  Those things are SO expensive and they aren't in excess!  But, now that places are putting them on clearance, I've been on the prowl.  The problem is that I need 8 of the exact size/color cushion.  When you are dealing with clearance items, that is difficult to do.  But, I finally found 6 yellow cushions.  My goal was NOT yellow but I had to have something.  So, I ordered those with a navy/white chevron rug for out there.  So, I'm thinking it is going to look so different than what I originally planned but anything will be a step up.  After that arrives, I'll add some more pots full of colorful plants.  

Pictures to come...

Friday, July 4, 2014

Independence Day- 2014

 We had such a fun day today and Frank & Margie's house.  They invited a lot of people over to celebrate our great nation.  Here are two of the cuties that attended. 

 They rented a waterslide/bounce house and the kids had so much fun.  They played their little hearts out.  They definitely made a smart move there. 

 After I moved these pictures from my camera to my computer, I noticed one thing...Micah drank his weight in Capri Suns.  The kid barely ever gets anything besides water and milk.  So, when he had unlimited sugar, he took full advantage of it. 

Three years ago today, we took this picture of 4 year old Jonah, 7 month old Micah and 3 week old Colton.  We basically put them on that blanket and snapped away.  None of them really moved around.  They were kind of compliant.  That is exactly how they were today.  Except not at all!

 We finally had them sit up and then bribed them with Smarties (more sugar!!!) to get them to smile. 

It was quite the feat but we finally got something that would work for a comparison photo.  Whew...that was work!  :-)

 Hannah (our new Children's Minister) was there and organized and played lots of games with the kids.  They loved it!

 The next progression of 3 pictures makes me laugh all over again.  Micah was running as fast as he could but the water was sloshing out.  By the time he got to the bowl, it was gone.  He didn't handle that well. 

 These two guys had so much fun together today.  They are 7 months apart but will be in the same grade in school. 

 I didn't take pictures of the food but I did capture the desserts.  There were so many yummy things to eat.  It was a great day with lots of great people. 
Happy Birthday to you America!


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