Saturday, October 3, 2015

Day 5

Our boys had so much fun playing with Eli on this trip.  It's so funny to me that the things they enjoy most are the simple things.  People often say things to me like "well, our kids learned to play with toys because they don't have Disney World" or "Your kids are used to mega entertainment."  I get it...we do benefit from living in the tourism capital of the world.  But, my kids love board games and running in the yard and chasing friends and building forts.  It just so happens we can easily get to Disney.  If we couldn't, we would take advantage of the things near us at the time.  But, they always love lazy days like this.  

And, it's not every day that you look in your friend's pool bag and discover fresh squash.  The benefit to that was that she walked right inside and fried squash as an afternoon snack.  

The kids came inside from swimming just in time to catch the ice cream truck.  

Eli had a fun summer list posted on his fridge and our boys loved seeing their names as part of that.  Personally, I was sad to mark it off because that meant it was over.  :-(

Our last night there was spent with all three boys piled up in Eli's bed for books with Manna.  It took me back to some of the first moments Jonah had with Manna.  She loved him from the very moment she met him and took many opportunities to rock him and read to him and love on him.  And, here we were here almost nine years later and two more boys are added to her lap.  

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Pastor Appreciation Month

I'm a words person.  

I communicate best with the written word.  

I've thought a lot about writing this post and almost talked myself out of it because I don't want it to seem self-serving.  But, writing affirmation is easier to me than speaking affirmation.  And, it doesn't hurt that Dan's love language (If you haven't read The 5 Love Languages, you totally should!) is Words of Affirmation.  So, I write.

Today is October 1.  This begins the month known in Christian circles as Pastor Appreciation Month. I've had the privilege to sit under the teaching and care of some amazing men of God over my life as a Church attender.  From Don Bozeman who led me to Christ and baptized me as a 9 year old little girl to Lowell Johnson through my high school years and Ken Anderson through my college days.  But, no other pastor has influenced my walk with Christ as much as my current pastor.  

Listen, I'm not going to lie.  The life of a pastor is hard.  You have no idea.  I'm not discounting the difficulty of other jobs.  But, I will say that this one carries an extra load of responsibility.  This one carries the deep secrets of other people.  This one carries the weight of decisions that impact a large group of people.  This one allows other people to say whatever they think and feel about you while you continue to love and support them.  This one has a group of people who hear you speak for 30+ minutes each week who then have the opportunity to dissect every single word said and use it against you even when your intentions were pure or to misquote you.  This one gets called in the middle of the night when affairs come to light, when people die and when tragedy strikes.  This one finds people standing at your door sobbing because their world has fallen apart.  This one carries the weight of answering to God about the way you led his people.  It's hard.  

So, today, I want to appreciate my pastor.  I'm grateful for Dan Glenn.  He is persevering, disciplined, a constant student of ministry and of God's word.  He's humble and genuine.  He puts other people before himself.  He doesn't ask or expect anyone to do what he isn't willing to do himself.  He serves people of all ages.  He works hard.  He denies additional compensation offered to him so that money can be invested in ministry.  He takes the blame and responsibility of decisions made by others rather than naming them.  Even when he is handed discouragement and criticism, he still serves God's church well.  He doesn't quit.  He doesn't throw in the towel.  He just works harder. He loves Jesus.  He loves others.  He loves the church.  

But, more than anything, he pastors and shepherds our family well.  He walks the talk that he preaches from the pulpit.  He honors and cherishes me as his wife.  He speaks to me with respect and he serves me constantly.  He does the dad thing so well.  He loves our boys and leads them to know and follow Jesus.  He always got up at night with them as infants, changed dirty diapers, cleaned up vomit and took care of them while they were sick.  He was never above that and he still isn't.  He doesn't just preach about the role of a Godly father or blast it on social media. He IS a Godly father who models humility and manhood for us each day.  He gets up before all of us to study God's word and pray.  He seeks God's will and direction for our family and our church.  He asks advice from those older and wiser than him.  He pastors our family so well and we are blessed to call him husband/daddy/pastor.  

So, on this first day of October, I honor this man of mine.  I'm grateful for the calling God has placed on his life--even on the hard days.  Because, on those hard days, I wake up to texts with scripture he has been reading that morning while I was still asleep.  And, when I walk in the door so weary after a particularly difficult Wednesday night, he opens his Bible and starts reading scripture to refute what I'm thinking and feeling.  He lives out his pastoral calling in private every single day.  Our boys and I get to see it up close.  And, because of that, we will follow him as he follows Christ.  He leads us well.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

#GlennGangSummer2015 Days 70-81 THE END OF A GREAT SUMMER

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

FBCV Celebration Trip- Day 4

We were super excited to wake up on Sunday morning so we could celebrate with FBC, Vidalia.  They have done an amazing job paying off the debt they had while still ministering and meeting their regular budget.  It was a joy for us to the see the completion of a vision God gave Dan many years ago.  
I always find it interesting to see Dan in the tech booth.  Not many pastors can step in and fix a tech issue but he has done it since day one.  He doesn't mind rolling up his sleeves to get a job done.  So, when I walked into the sanctuary to find him solving an issue, I wasn't the least bit shocked.  
They boys were happy to visit with Tim (MeMaw) while we waited for the service to start.  
Then they were super surprised to see Beppa.  She drove 3.5 hours that morning to be there and we were so happy to see her and sit with her.  
It was a good service but actually felt a little odd being there.  I guess we have been here long enough that this place is our normal.  This place is our home.  It was a nice visit there but it isn't where we belong anymore.  It was fun to see Dan preach there again and to stand at the pulpit on the very words he wrote before the carpet was laid.  
The best part of being there was seeing so many special friends.  Chandler is the daughter of our favorite Pediatrician, Docka Russ.  She learned to babysit by playing with our Jonah.  Now she is all grown up and away at college.  
Natalie is a year older than Jonah but they were sweet friends.  Although, neither of them remembered being friends but they still obliged their mom and MiMi with a photo.  
Jonah and Baylee never lived close to each other because she is from Nashville but her grandparents live in Vidalia and her momma is a friend of mine.  When Jonah and Baylee were babies, her momma  and I chatted online every day for hours at a time because we both had jobs that allowed us to work and keep AIM open on our computers.  
Then comes the Hargon family.  Diane was feeling much better so I was so happy to hug her and see her at church.  And, I was happy to get a picture of Jonah with her girls.  

We took a few more pictures before heading over to they gym for lunch.  

We were all happy to see GiGi.  She drove in for the morning to hear Dan preach and see these little boys.  

One of the great surprises of the day was seeing Beau Colle.  We didn't know he was the DOM in that area.  He served as an Interim Worship leader for us and happened to be there when Jonah was born.  He's been a great friend to our family.  

Ms. Monelle was a little bit of a star that day.  She was definitely pleased to see the loan paid off and relished the attention paid to her on that day.  

Oh, Vera Verdel...she always makes us laugh.  Actually, she makes everyone laugh.  She is hilarious.  And, so kind.  And, even though it looks like it, we didn't plan to coordinate.  

We left the church and headed to Josh and Amanda's to change clothes then down to Tim and B's for a little while.  As you can see, Micah made himself at home on the back porch while we visited.  

Jonah found his spot upstairs and spent some downtime watching TV.  And, as you can see, Tim and Dan resumed their position from 6 years ago.  
Jonah is always happy to be in a photo with B and Taylor.  

Peppa came over later that afternoon and we all loaded up for a trip to the lake to eat at The Duck's Nest.  It is one of our favorite local spots.  

The kids rode with Tim and Belinda and we followed behind in Beppa's car.  You'll see that they had a large time on those back country roads.  

We got home in time to play a little basketball with Eli.  Then we tricked Micah into going to sleep while the big boys made a fort to spend the night.  Or, as Jonah called it, the most fun part of the trip!


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