Thursday, September 18, 2014

2014 Open House for Jonah's School

Today was a full day for me. I got to Jonah's school at 8:15 and left at 3:45.  I was able to help several of Jonah's former teachers and also spend a great deal of time in Jonah's classroom.  It was a fun day.  Because tonight was Open House, I stayed late and helped 2 of the teachers in his pod.  When it was time to leave, we took Noah home with us.  His mom was planning to work until time for Open House to begin so he happily went home with us for video games and pizza. 
We got Noah back to his mom's room but she was in Mrs. Myers' room for Emilia's Open House so we all sat in the workroom of that pod and Dan read a book to the boys until time for the 3rd grade classes to open. 

Here is Jonah with his teacher, Mrs. Leonard.  We ADORE this lady.  She is such a phenomenal teacher.  I know that because I've been in her classroom a lot this year already.  I'm amazed by her.  I come home every time telling Dan things she did that blew my mind that day.  We feel so blessed to be in her class this year.  (Yeah, we hit the teacher lottery again!!!)
While Dan and Jonah were working their way through the activities in his classroom, Micah and I took a walk over to the art room to check on clay club for Jonah.  Unfortunately, it meets on the same day as Odyssey of the Mind and he doesn't want anything to interfere with that.  He loved being part of his school's inaugural OotM group last year. 

I snapped this picture of Jonah and Ava while walking around their classroom tonight.  Ava was in Jonah's 3 year old class when we moved here.  Other than 2nd grade, they have been together every year. 
When I saw this picture tonight, it caused me to go back and look at other pictures of them together.  There are so many of them (seriously, SO many!) but I picked three others so I could make a little collage of them. 

We left Jonah's classroom and rotated through all of the special area classrooms. 
After leaving art, we ran into Miller and his family.  Today is Miller's 4th birthday.  Micah will spend tomorrow with him celebrating in a BIG way!!!

When Micah joins Jonah at this school, Jonah will be in 5th grade and Micah will be in Kindergarten.  (whoa!)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hasslehoff? BIZARRE!!!!

I have no words.  This appeared in my Blogger file.  Neither of us did it.  When I hovered over the photo, it had a hashtag.  #hoffsome

So, I googled it.  And, it was apparently an April Fool's joke played by Google that I just got.  You know, 5 months later.  

Sunday, September 14, 2014


When I was growing up, my mom and grandmother were "rearrangers."  It was not uncommon to go into either home and find all the rooms completely rearranged.  This is a trait I did not inherit.  When I find something that works, I kind of just leave it that way.  But, due to a little cabin fever setting in today, I rearranged our living room while Jonah and Micah played in Micah's room.  

When the boys walked in the living room, Micah gasped and burst into tears.  "YOU BROKE OUR HOUSE!  YOU BROKE OUR HOUSE!"

I'm thinking he's gonna be the kid who doesn't do well with change.

Thursday, September 11, 2014


I started off this school year as a really good blogger.  But, life set in and things got busy.  And, to be honest, I don't really have a lot of pictures.  I need a good point and shoot camera suggestion from one of you blog readers.  I need something I can put in my purse so it is always there.  I use my phone 90 percent of the time now.  Which reminds me, I need to do a phone dump post.  Maybe that will be next.

This past week has been an emotionally draining week for me.  Yesterday was the 5 year anniversary of the date they loaded all of our things onto a big orange truck and we drove out of Vidalia.  Each day when I got the Timehop post showing me what we were doing on each day leading up to that and who we were with, well, it just hit me.  I miss those people.  Those final days of dinners and parties and play dates for Jonah were some of the sweetest of our lives.  Then, if that wasn't enough to make me sad, I was looking for something in a file box and ran across a file I hadn't looked at in years.  It had about 10 cards and letters in in.  I opened the first one and it was from Jennifer Russ, our beloved pediatrician there.  Some of the words she said to me and the affirmations she gave were exactly what I needed in that moment.  I sobbed.  Then, there was one from Sue.  And, if you don't know her, she isn't always so free with the words when she writes.  But, on this one, she took up the whole card.  I sobbed again.  It just went downhill from there.  In the mix of those cards was one for Jonah from "B and "Tawere" and I'll just say that it killed me too!

On the flip side, just yesterday I ran across a "bonus incentive" program put into place by Jimmy at my old job and that letter made me laugh until my sides hurt.  Actually, I'm laughing right now all over again. Seeing all of these old things with such memories has flooded my heart and mind with emotion.  

I have more to write but I just looked at the clock and I have to be at Jonah's school to volunteer in 40 minutes and I'm not dressed yet. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Southern Talk

I was helping in Jonah's classroom one day when a kid was having a hard time following instructions and settling in to do his work.  I got up from the table I was working at and walked over to sit with him just to get him back on task.  I helped him with a few things and he did a great job.  He is a super smart kid but just struggles with focus.  As I was walking back to my table, he and Jonah were looking at me rather than their teacher.  I said "y'all need to pay attention to Mrs. Leonard!"  The little boy said "excuse me, Jonah's mom, could you come back?  I have a question."  I walked over and leaned down to him and as serious as he could be, he said "What's a Y'all?" 

Friday, September 5, 2014

It's Friday night.  I'm happy to be home and not out and about somewhere.  It's been a hard week for me and I'm grateful for a break.  We actually had plans to go down to Disney after we got Jonah from school but some things came up for me so I sent Dan and Micah and I stayed here to get Jonah from school.  I felt bad for him missing the fun so while I was chatting with his teacher at the flagpole, he asked if some of his friends could come home with us.  I was happy to have them entertain him for the afternoon.

I have been thinking of trading my van for a car but today reminded me why I like the van.  I was able to bring 3 friends home with Jonah and still have room for Micah if he had been with us.  In this stage of life, I want to be able to have Jonah and Micah's friends over without worrying about transporting them.  It's fun having a house full of kids.  

Micah had his first playdate with a friend from school this week and he loved it.  He has always been the little guy so he felt so big having a friend come home from school with him.  The only problem is that he now wants a friend to come home every single day.  

I don't know (without counting them) how many weeks in to this school year that we are (3 maybe?) but it feels like it has been forever.  Jonah's placement has been perfect.  I've already volunteered a good bit.  I was in the media center today and Ms. Ross said "Jonah seems to have really come out of his shell and seems to be full of confidence this year!"  That was big affirmation to me.  I've seen it too.  I guess that when Mrs. Myers told us the 3rd grade was the magical leveling year, she was right.  It seems that every thing we worried about really did level out when he hit 3rd grade.  I'm excited about what that means for him.  

This particular we

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Sara Madalin comes to visit!

Our friend Sara Madalin came to town last month and brought her parents along with her.  They stayed at a resort in Orlando so we drove over to meet them so we could use their resort privileges spend some time together. 

These two have had some fun times over the years.  This trip was no exception.  They play very well together and always love being together. 

The moms took every step with the kids and by took every step, I really mean we kind of lounged on the side and watched the kids have fun. 

We had a great time in the water then we all went to Downtown Disney for bowling at Splitsville.  Then, later in the week, they came to our house for a couple of days.  If you know SM at all, then you know she is a HUGE lover of all things reptile.  So, for a reptile lover, a trip to The Reptile Discovery Center in DeLand is a MUST.   We were excited for them to see the Venom Extraction Program.  

The Reptile Discovery Center is a unique facility in which visitors are exposed to a wide variety of reptile species.  In the Center's Serpentarium, dozens of the world's most dangerous and exotic snakes are on display, including a thirteen-foot king cobra and a fourteen-foot burmese python.  The outside nature trail features alligators, lizards, tortoises and other reptiles which can be seen up close in their natural environments.

The Center is also home to Medtoxin Venom Laboratories. Medtoxin is a  commercial venom production facility. Medtoxin collects venom from a wide variety of snakes, which is shipped around the world for making anti-venom and for use in pharmaceuticals and medical research. The Reptile Discovery Center is one of only a handful of facilities in the United States and around the world where venom extraction can be viewed safely in a comfortable setting. Only safety glass separates the viewing public from expert handlers and some of the worlds most dangerous snakes.

The kids were all excited to have the opportunity to hold snakes.  Well, Jonah and Sara Madalin were.  Micah was a little questionable!

The cobra brought these reactions.  Yep...

This particular day was the day before Jonah's 8th birthday so we all went to celebrate at Fujiyama. 

When we got back to the house, Sara Madalin gave Jonah a very sweet homemade birthday card!

It was such a fun visit with some of our favorite friends.  They have visited us more in FL then anyone else.  And, they make us laugh more than anyone else.  So, that is a win/win!


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