Friday, August 25, 2017

New York, New York- Our final day

Micah ate his breakfast while we got ready and got our room packed up.  We were all sad to be leaving a fabulous city but ready to be back home.  

Our last show of the week was an off-Broadway production of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.  It was at St. Luke's theater and SO WELL DONE.  

It was a wonderful way to end our trip to NYC.  We loved the show and it renewed Jonah's interest in the work of C.S. Lewis.  He wants to read all of those books now.  He read a few in 2nd grade but never finished them.  We have them in his room waiting for him to start.  
We grabbed pizza for lunch then headed back to our hotel to meet our driver for a ride back to LGA.  

The boys had one last pretzel before leaving NYC and enjoyed every single bite of it.  

On the last flight home, the boys spent the flight working on their bridge books.  This wasn't their favorite activity of vacation but it kept their brains working over the summer. 

The flight attendants came to ask the boys if they wanted to see the cockpit and meet the pilots.  They jumped at that.  Well, Micah jumped at it and Jonah played it super cool because he didn't want to be accused of acting excited about something for a little kid.  

This is one of my favorite vacations ever!  I love that our boys are old enough to do fun stuff like this.    I love that they can hang with us as we walked all over the city.  They took in the history and left wanting more.  They loved Broadway.  It was a great 5 days and we all hope to visit again!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Micah's 1st grade Meet The Teacher

We grabbed our cute teacher gift and headed out the door for Micah's first grade Meet The Teacher this morning.  This is the first time Dan has missed one of these but he had a conference with our church staff so I flew solo with the boys.  

 We knew ahead of time who Micah's teacher was but I didn't tell him.  I never do because anything can happen leading up to the day and I don't ever want them to be disappointed.  He hoped he had Ms. Peterson.  Her parents are our neighbors.  Her son is Micah's friend.  He's seen her around and has always really liked her.  

He was super disappointed when they gave him the slip that said "WARD."  

What he didn't realize was that Mrs. Ward is the Ms. Peterson that he knew.  She got married and he didn't know her married name.  When we explained that to him, he was so happy.  He did a little fist pump and said "YES!"

We ran into our friend Hailey on the way to Mrs. Ward's classroom.  She is in a different class this year.  She's in the class with Miller and few other friends from last year.  

Micah was very happy to see Olivia in his class.  They have been together in Sunday School since they were little babes.  

 Jonah was with us today and he was happy to see his friend A.J.  They were big buddies through their years at Freedom and now their little brothers are in class together.  
The Glenn and Trenholm kids were happy to spend some time at the photo booth!

 Micah and Mrs. Ward made some S'mores in the Photo Booth.  He is all about a photo booth so this immediately won him over!!!

 Vette is Mrs. Ward's son.  He and Micah are the same age.  He just got glasses last week.  He wanted a picture with and without his glasses.  

 Sam came in as we were close to finishing up in Mrs. Ward's room.  Micah was happy to see him walk in.  
 Jonah and Cameron look so big compared to those little first grade siblings of theirs.  

 Apparently stripes are the thing this year for first grade boys!

 We went to find Miller so we could have a picture with him as well.  (More stripes!)

Jonah was dying to stop by to see Mrs. Willard.  We ran by there on our way out and there was no one in her room at the time so we got to visit for a bit with her.  We already miss her but know Middle School will be great.  
It was another good day that makes a Glenn kiddo excited for a new school year.  We're blessed with another fabulous teacher and look forward to an amazing 1st grade year!


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