Friday, August 11, 2017

Micah's 1st grade Meet The Teacher

We grabbed our cute teacher gift and headed out the door for Micah's first grade Meet The Teacher this morning.  This is the first time Dan has missed one of these but he had a conference with our church staff so I flew solo with the boys.  

 We knew ahead of time who Micah's teacher was but I didn't tell him.  I never do because anything can happen leading up to the day and I don't ever want them to be disappointed.  He hoped he had Ms. Peterson.  Her parents are our neighbors.  Her son is Micah's friend.  He's seen her around and has always really liked her.  

He was super disappointed when they gave him the slip that said "WARD."  

What he didn't realize was that Mrs. Ward is the Ms. Peterson that he knew.  She got married and he didn't know her married name.  When we explained that to him, he was so happy.  He did a little fist pump and said "YES!"

We ran into our friend Hailey on the way to Mrs. Ward's classroom.  She is in a different class this year.  She's in the class with Miller and few other friends from last year.  

Micah was very happy to see Olivia in his class.  They have been together in Sunday School since they were little babes.  

 Jonah was with us today and he was happy to see his friend A.J.  They were big buddies through their years at Freedom and now their little brothers are in class together.  
The Glenn and Trenholm kids were happy to spend some time at the photo booth!

 Micah and Mrs. Ward made some S'mores in the Photo Booth.  He is all about a photo booth so this immediately won him over!!!

 Vette is Mrs. Ward's son.  He and Micah are the same age.  He just got glasses last week.  He wanted a picture with and without his glasses.  

 Sam came in as we were close to finishing up in Mrs. Ward's room.  Micah was happy to see him walk in.  
 Jonah and Cameron look so big compared to those little first grade siblings of theirs.  

 Apparently stripes are the thing this year for first grade boys!

 We went to find Miller so we could have a picture with him as well.  (More stripes!)

Jonah was dying to stop by to see Mrs. Willard.  We ran by there on our way out and there was no one in her room at the time so we got to visit for a bit with her.  We already miss her but know Middle School will be great.  
It was another good day that makes a Glenn kiddo excited for a new school year.  We're blessed with another fabulous teacher and look forward to an amazing 1st grade year!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

New York, New York- Day 4

We had plans to go to Brooklyn Tabernacle for church on Sunday morning but one of us ( had the incorrect time and didn't realize it until it was too late for us to make it that morning.  We decided to get in line for a Matinee while Gigi took the boys her to Gulliver's Gate.  I walked over with them just to get them in and settled then walked back to Dan at the TKTS booth.  

Personally, I thought Gulliver's Gate was a waste.  But, we are two months removed from this trip and the boys are still talking about how much they loved it.  

We watched the LiveStream of our church service while standing in line at TKTS then met up with everyone to have lunch at Planet Hollywood.  We had a voucher to eat there so we all had a great meal and paid zero dollars for it.  

Jonah LOVES chicken parmesan so he was thrilled with his choice.  It was a huge portion.  
While we were waiting to leave, everyone made bathroom stops and Micah put on a little show in front of the Planet Hollywood backdrop.    

He asked me to join him, so I did.  Bless.  I'm glad that room was empty!  The things we do for our kids...

We left lunch and got to our Matinee with a little time to spare before it started.  

Let me just say, this show was amazing!  It definitely had some parts that were inappropriate for our kids but it went over their heads.  If Jonah were a year older, it might have registered with him but he didn't quite get it so that was good.  There weren't very many kid friendly shows on Broadway while we were there so this one was full of kids.  It makes me sad that they add that into the shows when they don't have to.  

We left the show then took the Subway to the Chelsea Market and then walked the High Line.  

It was definitely our warmest day there (94 degrees) so the boys were DONE with the walking.  They were so happy to see an empty seat on the subway.  We rode for a short time then got off at Grand Central Station to take a look around.  

We walked back to our hotel but made a few fun stops along the way.  

The path to Radio City Music Hall next to Rockefeller Center was closed because The Tony Awards were taking place that night.  The red carpet was where we would have been walking.  We decided to just walk around Rockefeller Center then go back out the way we came in.  EXCEPT...we stumbled upon this door where the Red Carpet interviews for TV were taking place.  We took there and watched Josh Groban and Sally Field do their interviews.

It didn't take long for a crowd to gather.  One man had the broadcast pulled up on his phone.  It was fun to see on TV the very thing we were watching right through the door.  

We made stop by the Hershey store since it was right next to our Hotel and we had not been yet.  

Our favorite meal was that night at Junior's Cheesecake.  This new location was in it's soft opening.  Our food AND our dessert was great!

As if we weren't exhausted enough, we decided to use our free entry into Ripley's Believe it Or Not rather than going to bed.  Let me stop right here and say, I wish we had gone to bed.  I hated this place.  It was old.  It just wasn't impressive to me.  Had I spent actual dollars on it, I would have been ticked.  

Our feelings about the place...

Now for my pictures from my phone that day.  On the previous days, I've incorporated them into the post but Blogger isn't cooperating tonight so I can't do that.  

You can actually see Josh Groban better in these than the ones from my camera.  

It was a very full and fun last full day in NYC!!!  But, the fun wasn't over.  We still had a few hours on Monday to enjoy the city.  


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