Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas with GiGi

 Dan's mom came to Disney with his sister's family and came over to DeLand to spend Sunday-Thursday with us.  Thursday was the first normal day we had so we made up for it by getting the kids from school and letting them bake cookies, make snow flakes, decorate a ginger bread house and open presents with her.  (Whew!)

 One of our favorite parts of the Christmas season is our nightly Advent time.  We are using a box made by a friend at church then we are using the Blessings Unlimited Advent tree.  Except, we ditched the cardboard tree and we just use the ornaments on a new tree I bought this year.  Jonah does most of the reading for us.  He and Micah take turns putting the ornaments on their separate trees.  (I'll do a post soon on both of those trees and some of the things we have done this year!)

 After our time of Advent and praying together, we moved on to gifts from and for GiGi.  This is our first time in 6 Christmas celebrations in DeLand that we have had her her to let them open their presents in person.  She usually mails them and we open them on FaceTime or call her later.  

 I was super excited to get a new set of Rachel Ray cookware.  Although, looking at this pictures tells me I should have asked for matching pajamas since I'm decked out in animal print PJ pants and a shirt that didn't go together very well.  

 If you spend much time with us, you know we LOVE a board game.  We have SO many and we love playing them. Gigi added another to our collection.  We've already played a few rounds of this one!

 There were several things on Micah's wish list for his birthday and Christmas that would help him with his fine motor skills.  This was one of the things I added.  He was so happy to see it!  There was a huge gasp when he opened it.  
 And, no Christmas is complete for this guy without at least one science kit.  

 The surprise hit of the night was definitely the big container of snowballs.  For kids that live in a place that will likely never produce enough snow for a snowball fight, this was a fun gift for them.  Well, actually, a fun gift for ALL of us!  

 See, I told you.  The snowballs were fun!  Did you see all of that action!?!?!  The kids moved on from there to finish opening gifts and then begin the sad time of saying goodbye.  GiGi was going to be gone by the time the woke up this morning.  

 But, even though she is gone, we have these lovely treats on our counter to remind us of a good few days!

Micah's 3 year old Preschool Christmas Program

 This sweet little boy is four years old but is in a 3 year old class because his birthday is after September 1.  So, he was just in his first every Christmas program.  It fell on one of the busiest days ever but we did what we had to do and made it there and all the other places we had to be that day.  And, I'm glad we did.  He was so sweet up on that stage.  (Although, not all that accurate with all he was supposed to say/do/sing!)
 For so long now, (well, long as in the four years he has been alive) he has been on the sidelines cheering on his big brother.  It was an interesting turn to see him involved in something that his big brother cheered him on.  And, we were fortunate that GiGi was in town for his first ever school program.  She came to Disney with Dan's sister's family but came over to DeLand for a few days to see us.  

 And, no life event is complete for Micah without his buddy, Ms. Louise.  When he spotted her in the audience, he just grinned and grinned.  He loves so much.  (And, the feeling is totally mutual!)  

 They had a fun little bell choir that was actually quite impressive.  I'm not sure how much Micah actually rang his bell because he was blocked from my vision for 85% of the performance.  But, to hear Louise and Dan tell it, he was not so much into the group participation.  Ahem.  

 In typical Louise fashion, she came bearing gifts for these guys.  They were thrilled.  (they even shared their candy with us!)


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