Friday, November 9, 2018

Happy 8th Birthday, Micah!

Dude, you're 8 years old!  8 YEARS OLD!  How on earth did that happen?  You're the funniest boy with such a great sense of humor.  You love science and love to read but you hate math and handwriting.  You love basketball and think you're a super star. Your imagination is way out there.  Some of the things you come up with blow our minds.  You are content to sit in your room and play with toys for hours.   

This year has brought some significant struggles for you but you've handled them like a champ.  You had an official diagnosis placed on you that affects your fine and gross motor skills.  We spent the summer at therapy appointments and have to work extra hard at school to keep up with your friends.  But, you do it with a smile...most of the time.  

You LOVE your friends.  You have a very deep connection to Miller and Sam.  If you aren't with one of them anytime you're at something away from home, you really struggle.  It's sweet to see your friendship but at the same time we're pushing you to not be so dependent on them.  It's a gift when your best friends go to school and church with you.  You would do sleepovers every night or playdates every day if you could.  

You still adore your big brother.  You think he is the greatest person walking on this earth.  Nothing pleases you more than when he sits down to play with your or invites you into what he is doing.  The four year age gap between the two you has always been just perfect for your relationship.  You love his friends and think you are a VIP when they include you.  

You still have chronic nosebleeds and you will probably have surgery before the year ends.  You got spaces today in preparation for a palatial expander which is in preparation for braces next March.  Your little mouth mirrors mine at your age...SORRY!  You're still a champion sleeper but a horrible eater.  You don't throw up as much during meals but you still gag...a lot!  Your favorite book series is The Treehouse Book Series.  Well, your most favorite is DogMan but that is more graphic novel so you officially have two favorite series.  You gave up on Magic Treehouse this year because they were "boring" to you.  

Buddy, you make my life so happy.  You're the sweetest little thing who knows how to melt my heart.  As I was typing this, you came out of your bedroom carrying Froggy and a blanket and said "I just wanted to snuggle with mommy one more time as a 7 year old!"  While I know that was a total stall tactic to keep from going to sleep, I put this laptop down and pulled you right into my lap.  

I remember the days before you were born when I worried about how I would love you.  I had been so sick and I couldn't imagine how someone who made me so sick could actually be lovable.  But, you were...and you are!  You're such a gift to our family.  You make the biggest messes but gives he biggest hugs. You are so loud but also so cuddly.  You don't know the meaning of picking up after yourself but you consistently make us all laugh.  

You've been a gift to our family for 8 whole years and we thank God for you!

Sunday, November 4, 2018

A little behind...

Somewhere along the way, I decided to stop blogging.  So, I did!  But, just last week, little Micah asked me if I would start back because he loves looking at the blog and misses new posts.  He asked me to start with his birthday party.  I came here to start blogging his birthday and saw his 7th birthday sitting in the draft folder!!!!!!

So, I'm going to finish the posts in my draft folder and try to get current on new (big) events!  

Friday, May 25, 2018

Micah's 1st Grade Class Awards

Today was a fun day for Micah.  He was so excited to have us in his classroom to hear about his accomplishments.  1st grade has been very good for him.  He received a Rocking Reader Award, his first grade medal, an award (with a trophy he already got earlier in the week) for 475 Reading Counts points and the most words read in 1st Grade.  He finished this year with all A's in his Academic subjects.  He discovered that he is very good at spelling, reading and science.  He also discovered he does not enjoy anything to do with writing or math facts.  ha!

His teacher, as per usual this year, did an amazing job with her presentation. Her love for these students was amazing.  She sent us pictures most every day of them  throughout the day.  She sent group shots and individuals.  She never highlighted one student over another.  She loved them all well!

The class all pitched in and gave her a gift card bouquet worth $350.  It was filled with family activities and restaurants she can do with her kids/husband over the summer.  I love class gifts because it doesn't highlight the wealth of one family over another.  All gifts are combined and she received one total gift from the whole class. 


Miller is in a different class this year but we had to have photos with him so we we met up with them outside and took a few!

It was a great day honoring all of these cute little first graders.  I'm glad Micah gets to grow up with such a fun group of kiddos!

Thursday, May 24, 2018

I'm Back!

Tap, this thing on?  

Ahhh...yes, yes it is!

It seems that the ole blog has stuck around even thought I last posted in 2017 and we are nearly half way through 2018.  I'm nothing if not a consistent blogger.

Honestly, I thought I was done blogging.  My kids are older.  Their stories are more theirs to tell than mine.  But, I realized how much I loved the chronicle of their lives that this blog holds.  It's easy to win an argument have quick access to things when Dan and I are discussing specific life events.  So, I came home last Thursday from Micah's Young Author event and blogged that day.  Then, I went into my draft folder and finished 5 or 6 more posts.  You probably didn't even know that because I saved them to the actual date the things happened.  I'm still super behind on events that have a ton of pictures but I'll get there.  

I've realized this blog really isn't for anyone but us.  I know people read it.  I know it's a peak into our lives.  But, we're the ones who relive the memories.  My kids have it saved as a bookmark on their computer and it's so fun to see them sitting there laughing over posts from years ago.  I want them to have these memories of their lives.  

So, for that reason, I'm still here blogging.  I'm adding posts from a year ago.  I'm adding current posts.  I didn't do so well with their baby books so I'm determined to do better with this.  :-)

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Micah's First Grade Young Author's Celebration

 Today was Micah's First grade Young Author's Celebration at school.  This was something new for our family because Jonah was never chosen to participate in his six years at Freedom.  I thought he might be a little jealous but he said he was happy to never be the kid in his class who had to do "EXTRA WRITING!"
 A boy and girl from each class in each grade are chosen to be a Young Author.  They are given a blank white book with some instructions but the outcome is completely up to the child.  It was a real struggle for us because anything drawing or coloring is not in Micah's skill set.  I was super stressed about how he would get that part done.  The imaginative process wasn't difficult for him when it came to the story but the drawing and illustrating were.

My friend Laura who is a teacher at another school suggested taking actual photos for his book since it was an actual place he was referencing in his book.  That was a perfect idea!

 Micah and Claire have been buddies since preschool and then in class together last year and this year.  It was fun for them to get to do this together.
 Miller was a Young Author for his class.  They were at different tables but got to see each other for a quick hug before the program started and then again at the end.
 The Young Author's theme this year was based on books by Eric Carle.  Our family has always been big fans of Eric Care so this was a sweet theme for us.  The themed food was so cute.

 The kids were at tables of 10 with parents behind them.  Each kid took a turn reading their book then being applauded by the kids and parents at their table.

 It was fun to see Penny Lowry there representing her class.  Micah is a year ahead of her in school but he looks like a giant here!

 Dan got to be there for the first 40 minutes then had to leave for a a meeting that was scheduled before this was on the calendar.  He got to hear Micah do his story then gave him hugs before heading out.

Claire, Ava, Grayson and Micah were all in Kindergarten together last year.  Grayson and Ava are together again this year while Claire and Micah are together. 
Micah was most excited about the food choices.  He's a big fan of anything with peanut butter or fruit.  He got his fill of both!  

Micah, Miller, Emma and Claire all enjoyed the snacks!

The following pictures were on my phone while the rest were taken on my camera but his little facial expressions were too cute to save here.  

The chances of keeping up with this book forever or it not getting destroyed are pretty slim so Dan recorded him reading it tonight.  Gigi had the great idea to film it over his shoulder so she could see the pictures as well.  

It was a fun experience for Micah.  He loved coming up with the story and getting to read it at the celebration today.  


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