Friday, July 29, 2016

#GlennGangSummer Days 22-28

Day 3 of VBS with friends and an afternoon full of activity at home. #glenngangsummer2016 #Day22of68

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Day 4 of VBS with friends and a HOT afternoon at the splash pad! #GlennGangSummer2016 #Day23of68

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Church, lunch with friends, pool time and lots of family time on this hot Sunday. #glenngangsummer2016 #Day26of68

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Make homemade ice cream ✔️ #Chocolatepeanutbuttercup #glenngangsummer2016 #Day27of68

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When is the last time you rode a lion around the mall? #glenngangsummer2016 #Day28of68

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Happy 10th Birthday, Jonah!

Dear Jonah,

You turn 10 years old today!  You've been excited for quite some time about turning double digits.  I seriously cannot believe it.  I hate to use all of the cliche statements about how quickly time moves or how the days are long and the years are short but they are so true.  It has gone fast.  And, it's true that I can hardly believe it.  Our ten years with you have been so fun!  You've brought immense joy to our hearts and lives.  It is almost more than I can take to know that you've been at home 10 years but when the next 10 years arrive, you'll already be half way done with college.  Our time left with you at home is short.  

I remember the first night you were home.  I could hardly sleep because I wanted to hold you.  The moment you would utter a sound, I would scoop you up.  I could hardly stand to be separated from you.  I slept in the living room so your crying wouldn't wake up our house guests.  I remember staring at every single detail of your tiny body and be so grateful to God that you're here and that you were safe.  I could hardly believe God had blessed us with the gift of you.   

Just recently, we watched some old home videos of you learning to walk.  We cheered, clapped and encouraged you as you took each bumbling step.  You squealed with delight as you fell into our arms.  Even when you were tired of trying, we would pick you up again, steady you on your feet and cheer for you as you took another step. 

We are long past of the days of helping you learn to walk.  Our days now encourage you to try a new sport, write a little neater, read a book series you think you won't enjoy, make a new friend, try a bigger roller coaster, study a little more and be just a little kinder.   I guess we will always be believing in you to do something more than you think you can do.  

These days, you love to read, ride bikes, swim, play board games, watch TV, go to church, build with Zoobs, ride (most) roller coasters, go to the beach, build Star Wars Legos, be involved in and do anything with your family.  I'm convinced your love language is Quality Time.  You would rather DO something with someone you love than anything else on this earth.  

You still say you want to be a science teacher when you grow up.  I wish I had a crystal ball that would show me where you actually end up.  I wish I could know for sure if you will teach a classroom full of students, take care of sick people, preach the Word of God, fight fires, manage a company, build buildings or fly an airplane.  I wish I could see the kind of husband you will be or know how many children will call you daddy.  But, all of that is still unclear.  What I do know is're a great kid who is on track to be a great adult who will do whatever it takes to be good at the things God calls you to do.  

Just like the days of watching you take steps and cheering you on, we're doing the same today.  We're watching you take steps into many new experiences.  We're watching you navigate this world.  We're watching you learn to make friends and put yourself out there in ways that are so uncomfortable to you.  We're watching you get hurt but get back up and try again.  We're watching you, buddy.  But, more than that, we're cheering for you and believing in you.  You don't fall into our arms as much as you did back when you were learning to walk, but our arms are here.  They always will be.

Happy Birthday my sweet Jonah!  It's a gift to be your mommy.  I pray often that you will look back on our relationship with joy and happiness.  I want your memories of growing up to be good ones.  I want to be a place that you ALWAYS want to come back.  You're a great kid.  I'm's a joy to parent you.  I love you, buddy!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Jonah's 10th birthday party

Jonah's long awaited 10th birthday party was today.  We got up early and headed to the home of our friends who offered to host the party.  We were shocked to see this sweet sign waiting for us.  We had to pull over on the road to take a few pictures.  

We have a pool at our house but it really can't accommodate more than about 8 kids.  Beth and Randy have a much bigger pool and it's set off from their house so there is more space.  Our plans were to use the pool and rent a slide for the day.  We settled on a beach ball theme.  

See those cute little table tents?  I had lots of them and some signs and banners for the party.  I didn't start working on them until 10 pm last night.  That is the exact moment my printer stopped working.  And, in case you don't know, that isn't the prime time for HP tech support to jump on my issue.  I decided not to stress about it and just sighed and said "oh well!"  (I would have totally gone to Walmart at Midnight a few years ago!!  I've come so far!)

Jonah really wanted to help with this party.  He took great pride in arranging the sugar cookies on the platter.  
If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I'm pretty bad at putting sunscreen on my kids.  I miss more spots than I cover.  Beth jumped in to coat them so I wouldn't do it.  :-)

The boys passed the time by Jonah playing basketball and Micah doing sidewalk chalk.  They were so anxious for guests to arrive.  

Beth and the boys took the inaugural run down the slide together.  

Beth made her famous salad to go with the pizza.  She also cut up several watermelons.  Her salad was the talk of the adults.  It is one of my favorite things she serves because of the homemade dressing she uses.  

We were so fortunate to have some of our KidsMin volunteers from Stetson there to be extra eyes in the pool.  I can't say enough about how much these people love our kids and help them to be better people.  Just seeing all of them in the pool and playing with kids through out the day was such a blessing to my heart.  Hannah and Carlo are both on staff with Dan and took one for the team to be present with those kids and man posts near the water.  We're so grateful!

We had six fans blowing different directions to (try) to keep adults cool.  It was so hot today.  

Here are all the two included!  There were 34 kids there today.  In the past, it's been hard to have a party that includes church and school friends.  There isn't an easy way to trim down the church list without hurting feelings.  But, since this is Jonah's last birthday party AND since the pool and slide would accommodate as many kids as we wanted to invite, we went big this year.  He invited his school friends, neighborhood friends and church friends.  
We only had one cupcake this year and no cake.  The cupcake was just for the sole purpose of blowing out a candle.  

The reason we decided no cupcakes or cake was because we brought in the ultimate summer treat...The Kona Ice Truck!!!!  Jimmy & Cathy paid a portion of this as his gift to Jonah.  They knew this was something Jonah REALLY wanted for his party so they helped us make it happen.  In reality, having them come wasn't much more than ordering nice cupcakes or a cake.  

The other kids loved this idea too!  Well, except for one who doesn't like Kona Ice.  But, the rest were big fans and talked about how great it was.  

This kid especially loved the Kona Ice truck coming to the party.  He is a big fan of Kona Ice.  

5th Grade boys!

Jonah with his Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Myers.  Her daughter Riley has been in all of Jonah's classes except Kindergarten.  
Jonah with his 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Leonard and her daughter Addison.  It's been fun to get to know these teachers more since we've gotten to know their kiddos.  

I'm grateful to be this kid's mommy!  (He still calls me that and I'm completely okay with it!!) 
After the party mess was cleaned up and the guests were gone, I changed into my suit and had some fun on the slide with the boys.  

Mr. Robert stuck around to help us clean up and played some basketball with Jonah.  

We decided not to open gifts at the party because of the heat.  There wasn't a place that all the people could be that was out of the sun.  It would have been hard to keep people cool.  So, we let kids keep cool on the slide and in the pool instead.  Jonah opened his gifts while we waited for the slide people to come get the slide.  

Micah sat in the car and handed Jonah the gifts.  (We had already loaded them because we thought the slide people were on their way!)  

His gift from Beth and Randy is NOT your typical 10 year old gift.  BUT, they know him SO well and know how much he loves showers at their house.  So, they bought him the exact shower head they have.  She said he comments about how much he loves that shower head every time he showers there.  He was so surprised by this but loved it.  

Micah also helped him open his cards.  (Still waiting for the slide people!)

It was a perfect day for our soon to be 10 year old.  As we were leaving, I said "Jonah, you got so many nice gifts.  I can't believe the fun stuff you got!"  He said "Well, I can't believe so many of my friends came.  That was really the best part!"  That's not a typical response from him but I'll take it.  We've tried out best to drill into him the value of people.  I think when he looked around today and saw so many people who love him and care for him, he got a small glimpse of that reality.  I hope it stays with him for a long time.  I know it will me!


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